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Why Vaping is the Biggest Thing Right Now

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Image by Macedo_Media from Pixabay

Vaping is one of those cultural phenomena that have taken the world by storm and has grown from a niche hobby enjoyed by fringe hipsters to become truly mainstream. But what exactly is it that is driving this massive rise in popularity? If you’re struggling to understand how something became so cool so quickly and why it just won’t go away, then these four pointers should clear everything up.

All the celebs are doing it

It began when Johnny Depp was seen blowing smoke in the 2010 movie The Tourist, sparking gossip, rumors and the biggest question overall – what was he actually doing? Today, it’s the norm amongst Hollywood’s A-list, with celebs from Katy Perry to Leonardo Dicaprio seen vaping on set or at clubs. What used to be a scandal several years ago has become mundane. Now, if a celeb is papped with an e-cig in their hand, no one is surprised.

It’s not just for guys

When vaping first took off, it seemed to be a product for men – a very specific kind of man. But companies have been working hard to shake that image and produce e-cigs that appeal to everyone, with new colors and flavors of e-liquid appearing on the market every day from suppliers like auster.com, which also feature beautiful artwork by top artists. Since e-cigs designed to be sleek and minimal or rugged and hardcore, you can shop anywhere depending on your own personal preference.

Image by haiberliu from Pixabay


New tech is taking off

Ever since the first modern e-cig was developed in 2007, the technology has just been getting better and better. The first models were clunky, obtrusive – and heavy! Ten years later, though, and you can purchase models smaller than a ballpoint pen. Something about new technology drives people wild – every year, queues for iPhones grow longer and longer on launch day – and with growing popularity comes growing investment, meaning e-cigs are getting more efficient and advanced with every new model. They’re also getting cheaper all the time, which makes vaping an option for more and more people.

The media has changed

It’s not as relevant as it used to be, but there’s no doubt that the changing image of vaping in news media has helped its rapid popularity rise. When it first hit the news, papers and news channels instantly rejected vaping as a fad for teens and the mere few, and it’s only recently that they’ve changed their stance and accepted it as mainstream. Vaping in movies and TV shows had also become more widespread, particularly as the actors themselves are seen with e-cigs on set, and not just amongst the villains onscreen.

With sales booming and more and more people taking up the habit, it seems vaping isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Thanks to all the attention in the media, all the new gadgets and technology, and flavors and designs to suit any style, this is one trend that looks like it’s here to stay.