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When Do You Need To Change Who You Are?

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The gentleman’s life is all about improvement. It is not only about improving your lifestyle, but also about becoming a better person. If you think of life as a continual journey, change is a natural phenomenon along the way. You only change to make a situation better, consequently improving is changing. Nevertheless, changing is also a difficult choice to make. It is a disruption of the way things were. As a result, a change can feel uncomfortable. But it doesn’t mean that it is unnecessary. There are five specific types of situation that give you a wake-up call for a change: Realizing that you are not making the right impression on people, picking the pieces up after a break-up, struggling with stress and anxiety issues, being too unhealthy to enjoy life to the fullest, and realizing that you don’t like yourself.

When You Make A Bad Impression On People

You would be surprised to know that there are people who can describe who you are simply by looking at some of your habits. For instance, your wardrobe routine says more about you that you may want to. If you have a wardrobe full of items that you don’t wear and that are not coordinated, it’s likely that people will think of you as an impulsive individual who doesn’t think his decisions through. What you choose to wear is also a key indicator of how others perceive you. The idea of dressing for success is not so alien. If you pick casual denim, it’s likely that the professional world will not take you seriously, for example.

When You’ve Driven Someone Away

There’s nothing more painful than realizing that a relationship has come to an end. This can leave you broken for weeks if not months. But, it is also an excellent wakeup call. A break-up is the way your ex has found to tell you that you are not the person they once loved. As a result, while it is possible to get your ex-girlfriend back, it’s nothing that you should attempt without careful consideration. Have you let yourself go in ways that could have damaged the relationship? If this is the case, you will need to change your ways to make amends and win her back. But sometimes, life happens and takes both of you on a different journey. You grow apart because you didn’t share a common life interest. There is nothing wrong with it if you’ve been true to yourself.  

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When Your Life Is Too Stressful To Handle

Work-stress related issues are one of the most common complaints about workplace problems. Whether it is workload-related or caused by a difficult team relationship, stress at work is extremely common. In some cases, it could be temporary and linked to specific projects. But more often than not, the stress in the workplace is a permanent and difficult situation. It steals your sleep and sanity away. If you find yourself experiencing any stress-related symptoms, such as lack of sleep, lack of appetite, loss of interest in social life, it’s time to wake up. Stress is something that you need to take seriously. If your work is too stressful, it’s essential that you consider options to change the situation. Whether you need to look for another role on the market, or to have a conversation with HR, stress brings you closer to death, So don’t wait!

When Your Health Is At Risk

Everyone can develop unhealthy habits. That’s because nobody can live a perfectly healthy life all the time. You need to know how to relax from time to time. However, there is a gap between relaxing and indulging in an unhealthy routine. For instance, as busy as your day might be, not finding time to exercise even 30 min a day can gradually weaken your heart and your body. Another common example is junk food: Junk food is enjoyable at homeopathic doses, but every day it will affect your arteries, sugar level, and even your brain functions. Talk about eating yourself into dumbness.

When You Don’t Like What You’ve Become

Some people may even experience a form of self-rejection. You might find yourself disagreeing with the very decisions you are making. Or maybe you refuse to look into the mirror for fear of seeing someone you don’t recognize anymore. Life can put a lot of pressure on individuals and force them to behave in a way that they dislike. If this is the case, you might begin to believe that you are not true to yourself. You would be right to think so. Unfortunately, the only solution is to change to become someone you are proud to be. Sounds like hard work? It is. But self-esteem is worth the effort.

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