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The perfect portable survival kit

Survival tools
Image by Rastislav Zvolanský from Pixabay

What is a portable survival kit?

A survival kit according to me is a pack of basic tools that is needed when you travel or are on a tour. A survival kit includes: tools, food items, emergency first aid kit, safety equipments, and small technical items.

We normally call a survival kit as “EDC or everyday carry”. This means a survival kit should be something that always runs along you and is as light as it could be. However, I believe that a survival kit or an everyday carry kit should consist material or tools that you think you’ll need later in the journey. At the same time, every journey is different, therefore, every time you carry a kit, it will have varied items, such as, lights, band-aid, pins, pepper spray, food, etc.

Hence, to give you a better understanding on survival kit, I have got you few interesting tools and equipments that are always going to be there in your survival kit no matter what!

  1. Flashlight

Because I like to take adventurous trips, I prefer taking small flashlights with me. A survival kit should be as small as possible and according to that a flashlight should small in size which can fit in tight space as well. However, the battery life should run for a longer duration.

  1. Survival knife

Survival knife or pocket knife is the most essential part of a survival kit. Te armed officers and guards also carry survival knives uk to save themselves in emergency situations. Pocket knives are easy to handle and simple to use equipments. You might not want to use it on anyone, but you never know when you have to. All the more, survival knives are very useful in cutting, chopping, and chipping stuff. Folding survival knives are the best to carry, they are safe, easy to use and simple to play with!

  1. First-aid

Now that again a very useful thing to carry, whether you’re travelling in a forest or going for a long journey – first-aid is one thing that should be always with you, in your carry bag. In first-aid you should include; band aid, a bottle of dettol, some anti-allergic medicine, medicines that your regularly have, tapes, scissors, cotton, and nail cutter. Also please remember that a first-aid should always be checked before leaving for the trip – don not carry expired medicines.

  1. Lighter

Lighter is not as important as flashlight, though, it can be useful for forest travellers. Lighters again should be of good quality and long lasting. Also carry few magnesium soaked cotton balls for emergency. People who really don’t prefer for adventurous trips, may not need to carry lighters.

  1. Survival and safety whistle

Survival and safety whistle may or may not be your first choice for survival kits, but believe me they play a very important role in a survival kit. Whistles help you to reach out to people in emergency situations. Choose a whistle that suits your journey or trip. For me, a whistle must be long lasting and reach out list a few meters.

  1. Lavender essential oils

Lavender oil might sound you a little funny, but believe me when I say it can save you from infections, wounds, and other serious problems. While I travel to different places, I have a tendency to have headaches and allergies – to save myself from them, I use Lavender essential oil. Essential oil contain attributes that can cure allergies on skin, zap your headache, prevent infections, and clean up wounds. A small bottle of Lavender essential oil will also do.