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5 Ways to Be Prepared for Anything While Traveling in 2021

5 Ways to Be Prepared for Anything While Traveling in 2021
Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

You have decided to take a trip for work or pleasure, and you are just in the planning stages. You know that Coronavirus changed the world and limited our ability to travel. It has been a while since you have been anywhere but the grocery store. 2021 offers the opportunity to get on the road again and start traveling. There are few preparations you should take before you go on your journey.

1. Get Vaccinated

Before you plan your adventure, you should plan a trip to get one of the Coronavirus vaccines. You can get them from your primary care physician or at a public clinic. Chains such as Walgreens and CVS are also offering the shot at certain stores. 

If you are traveling internationally in 2021 and have been vaccinated, you will not have to take a coronavirus test before boarding a flight. Unless your country of destination specifically requires it. You will still be required to wear a mask and wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

According to the website Businesstravel365.com, It is a good idea to social distance while you are traveling in 2021. You should consider traveling business class to ensure that you have more room when you fly.

2. Take Emergency Supplies

When you travel, you should always carry a first aid kit, a celltrion diatrust covid-19 ag home test kit, a flashlight, and then an extra battery for your cell phone, lest your current one should die out. It never hurts to invest in a cheap basic cell phone to keep in your backpack or purse if you should lose your phone. You can get them at any Walmart or drug store for around $30. You should look for one that has minutes that do not expire.

Some Airbnbs and hotels have stopped serving breakfast due to the pandemic. You may want to pack a few single-serving tubes of instant coffee. They are compact and will not take up much room in your suitcase. It is also a good idea to carry several protein or granola bars along with you. You should never take anything with chocolate or vanilla coating is it will melt in your suitcase, causing a huge mess. 

3. Let People Know Where You Are

If you are traveling alone, it is important to give someone your itinerary. You can also update people as you travel along, letting them know when you get into an Uber and when you arrive at your destination. It is never a bad idea to take a picture of the license plate before getting into an Uber. Although it might be a convenient way to get around, there have been many sexual assaults in rideshare serve vehicles since their inception.

4. Carry Duct Tape

Carry duct tape
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Duct tape is the traveler’s secret weapon. If you should get a rip in a suitcase or duffel bag, it can hold your bag together until you get to your destination. You can use it to mark your food if you are staying in a shared space. It can be used as flypaper or to get lint off of clothing. 

You can hem a pair of pants with it, and you can even use it to hide money. 

5. Your Workout Clothes and Pajamas Should be One in the Same

It is always important to have something to sleep in when traveling, even if you tend to sleep in the all-around. Although you may have a robe at home, the elaborate garment will simply take too much room in a suitcase. Pajama pants and a t-shirt can be thrown on in a hurry if you need to answer the door. Pajama pants can double as exercise pants if you want to go out for a jog or use a rental fitness center, so be sure to bring a few pairs.

Now that things are getting back to normal, you can start exploring the world again. You can have a fabulous trip so long as you are careful and prepared. 

Featured Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay