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7 Must-Haves for the Outdoorsman-in-Training

7 Must-Haves for the Outdoorsman-in-Training
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Achieving the ultimate outdoorsman status requires more than annual hunting trips or electricity-filled cabin getaways. Although anyone can appreciate nature, true outdoor enthusiasts have profound respect, a more in-depth understanding, and a personal relationship with Mother Nature. Rugged and out for adventure, outdoorsmen utilize their specialized survival skills and intricate knowledge of different elementals to trek through the unknown and study what the Great Outdoors has to offer. 

While becoming one with nature is a mountainous hill to climb, it isn’t an impossible task. Learn what it takes to live a life of adrenaline—starting with checking off the long list of must-haves for every outdoorsman-in-training.  

Glock 19 Gen 5

Glock 19
Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

The first item on most experienced outdoorsman’s lists is a reliable firearm—a Glock 19 Gen 5, to be precise. When in nature, you become susceptible to a variety of unpredictable risks and dangers. Prevent unwanted attacks from animals and secure your campsite with a reliable firearm. Glock 19s can offer you peace of mind as you set up camp in unknown areas, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night knowing you’re capable of protecting yourself. If you choose to utilize guns for your outdoor excursions, be sure to check open carry laws and park regulations to ensure you’re within your rights as a citizen.

Reliable tent

Reliable tent
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Having a safe place to sleep is critical to surviving the elements when braving the outdoors at night. Pitch black skies and freezing temperature drops can leave you susceptible to danger and injury without the appropriate equipment. Lightweight, weatherproof, easily-installable tents are preferable for an outdoorsman looking for the ultimate adventure. Tents with these qualities transport effortlessly, keep you safe from extreme weather conditions and are easy to install alone if you’ve taken on this journey in solitude. 

Lightweight backpack

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When picking out the perfect pack for your next intense backpacking trip, opt for lightweight materials and efficient designs. When hiking dangerous, rocky terrains or scaling treacherous mountain landscapes, easy access is essential. Avoid anxious scrambles for carabiners, unorganized essentials, and untimely broken straps by picking out a durable backpack with a simple design. 

A reliable cooker

Purchasing a reliable cooker for food preparation on-the-go is imperative to keeping you strong and healthy through your adventures. You can’t scour the outdoor world if you’re withering away from lack of nutrition. Buy a cooker that can withstand intense weather conditions, equipped with protected flame compartments and a locking mechanism to keep everything in place and fill your growling stomach. 

Water compartment and filtration system

Aside from food, water is the most critical resource to have readily available on your outdoor adventures. Like most equipment outdoorsmen carry, water packs should be lightweight and durable for maximum efficiency. Although a one-liter capacity is adequate for hiking and backpacking, having access to a water filtration system allows unlimited access to drinkable water. When you eventually need a refill, having access to filtered water keeps you healthy and hydrated as you delve deeper into nature.  

Parting shot

Nothing quite compares to the smell of fresh air and bare feet under mossy underbrush. Yearn for adventure no more—free the outdoorsman inside of you. As you prepare for your journey into the unknown, check off this list of mountain-man must-haves to ensure the outdoor experience of a lifetime. 

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels