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Great Ways to Treat Your Kids – Without Spending A Small Fortune

Great Ways to Treat Your Kids – Without Spending A Small Fortune
Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

We all love our children unconditionally, but that doesn’t stop them from being incredibly expensive. They grow out of clothes too quickly. They need money for school trips and uniforms, days out with friends, not forgetting the food and utility bills…whether you’re buying new shoes or Playstations, the cost of having a child starts adding up the moment you know you’re expecting one.

If your child has a birthday party coming up, then it’s the perfect chance to spoil them with something special – check out these toys from Wicked Uncle if you’re looking for a little inspiration. Although if your child has had a run of good behavior recently, they’ve done well at school, or they’ve shown maturity and patience with their siblings, then it’s only natural to want to spend a little more on spoiling them. 

But did you know that treating your little ones doesn’t always mean you should reach for your credit card? Read on to discover some great ways you can treat your kids without spending a small fortune. 

A cheap and cheerful day out

Often, kids value time spent with them over expensive gifts. So, why not treat your kids to a cheap and cheerful day out together? You don’t have to head to a pricey theme-park, zoo, or family attraction. Even a simple country walk or a picnic in the park is a great way to spend time together to spoil them. Alternatively, many museums and public attractions have free entry policies or prefer a donation rather than an entrance fee. See what’s available in your local area.

Make something 

From budding bakers to promising painters, making sweet treats, crafts, and treasured memories together is a wonderful alternative to an online game subscription or a new gadget. Spend an afternoon trying a new recipe or unleashing your creativity skills. It’s much more memorable and something you’ll both treasure for a long time.

More screen time

Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels

It’s simple, cost-free, and something every child will appreciate! If you’re a stickler for screen limits, then gifting your child additional screen time for good behavior or another specific reason will certainly go down well. Make sure they understand it’s a reward, though! 

Let them stay up late!

All kids want to feel like grownups, and staying up later than their allocated bedtime is a simple yet fun way to spoil and indulge them once in a while. Maybe you could watch a movie together, or let them simply play with their toys for a little longer. Let them know how long you’re giving them, and make sure you stick to it! It’s probably best to offer this reward when it’s not a school night.

And finally, meal times

Rewarding your child with food isn’t a recommended way to treat them. However, there are ways you can incorporate meal times into a treat. You could let them choose what to have for dinner, and then they can help you prepare it, put together a picnic and let them choose what to take, or select a special treat to enjoy. The more you let them become involved in the planning process, the more fun they’ll have.  

Follow some of these suggestions for great ways to treat your kids without spending a fortune.

Featured Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels