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Top Gifts for Germany Lovers

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Germany is a place full of culture and magic — which is why buying a gift made there, something full of the country’s rich history, is a great option for any travel enthusiast, ex-pat, or simply an admirer of Germany’s rich culture. With a rich cultural heritage that includes centuries-old folk art, expert clockmaking made in picturesque forests, and world-famous beer halls, Germans enjoy celebrating their customs by gifting items inspired by national symbols. These include beer steins, cuckoo clocks, and even weather houses. Here is our selection of the top gifts for lovers of all things Germany!

Handmade Wooden Figurine

Wooden figurines are a popular gift for lovers of Germany, as they are a piece of the country’s rich heritage and culture, which dates back hundreds of years. This type of German folk art originated when the Erzgebirge was a famous mining district. When the mines closed, the small hand-carved figurines got the region back on its feet. 

A great way to take a part of Germany home with you is through a handmade wooden figurine, such as those made by Müller, who has been perfecting and continuing the local folk art style for more than 100 years. These folk art figurines were first crafted in the Muller workshop, located in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Their unique designs represent the incredible skill and heritage of German craftsmanship. Their pieces are perfect gifts for anyone who values Germany’s history and culture.

Traditional German Weather House

Weather houses, hand carved from wood and expertly painted with bright colors, have been around for centuries. With a single glance, one can see the weather conditions — either dry and sunny or humid and damp. These unique structures are full of charm and history and add a sense of nostalgia to any setting. There are two distinct figures housed within the chalet-style weather house. One male for dampness, one female for dryness, that move in response to the change in the atmosphere. Every time you pass one of these weather houses, you get a glimpse into Germany’s age-old weather traditions, making them ideal for a quirky gift.

Incense Smokerman

Much like the wooden figurines, the Erzgebirge region of Germany is also famous for hand-making the traditional incense smoker men, which will add a touch of rustic charm and a great smell to any room. The German Rauchermann, or “German smoker,” is a classic wooden figurine and has been in the area’s local tradition for hundreds of years. These wooden carvings, usually of a small man holding a smoking pipe, are remarkable because they have a hollow interior where one can place cone incense before lighting it. The incense burns inside the figurine before gently streaming through his mouth, creating a smoke effect as if the figure were puffing out tobacco! These figures represent a charming look back to Germany’s rural past and also represent incredible craftsmanship. Each one is handmade by Erzgebirge’s artisans, who continue to showcase great skill through their intricate designs.

Salt Glazed Pottery from Germany 

Salt-glazed pottery is a form of ceramic art dating back centuries, renowned for its unique glossy glazed finish. This distinctive pottery style has been used to make mugs, bowls, jugs, and other containers since the Middle Ages. To achieve its signature shimmering surface, craftsmen skillfully add salt during firing to create a glazed layer that protects against water and wear. What makes this ceramic so special is the high level of durability it offers, as well as its quirky rustic charm. Suppose you are looking for a piece of handmade pottery with an intriguing history behind it. In that case, salt-glazed pottery is an excellent choice for lovers of handmade pottery or German historical traditions. 

Traditional German Beer Stein

German beer stein
Image by George Hodan

Are you looking for a gift for a beer lover? Why not try a traditional German beer stein? The German beer stein symbolizes pride and sophistication in beer culture, dating back to the 12th century. These beer steins were first produced in response to health issues that caused the Bubonic Plague when strict laws enforced sanitation on beer drinking to stop the spread of the disease. Owning a beer stein with a family crest or expression became a status symbol and a highly desired item. Today, beer steins are still crafted with the same care and attention to detail — each one is produced with unique designs that make them coveted by beer enthusiasts worldwide. Today you can still find all kinds of German beer steins, from replicas taken from traditional designs to more modern beer steins. No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured knowing it’s been crafted with precision and is sure to be a special gift! 

Featured Image by Peter H from Pixabay