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The 7 types of most commonly salvaged parts from auction cars

salvaged parts from auction cars

Whilst a lot of traders go to car auctions to buy vehicles to sell straight away, many mechanics also visit to find cheap car parts that can be used to repair vehicles, this can be an extremely cost-effective way to salvage a vehicle rather than spending excess money on brand new parts.

However, it is not easy to choose a vehicle for salvaged parts at an auction as many of the cars may not be in the best state and therefore the parts may not be suitable. It is a gamble but if you are smart and know the mechanics of the vehicles well, you could be saving a lot of money.

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There are some components of a vehicle that are frequently salvaged more than others, we’ve come up with the top 7 most commonly salvaged parts from auction cars so you can see what you should be looking out for.

1. Brake Components

The brakes in your car are used so frequently that it probably isn’t a surprise that mechanics are often routing for the different components are car auctions. If you are constantly in traffic then you’ll notice that you use your breaks extremely often stop starting as crawl through the traffic. Approximately every 100,000 miles the wheel cylinders, master cylinders and callipers need replacing, whilst around 60,000 miles your brake pads will need replacing from common wear and tear.

2. Engine and Starter Motor

The engine is one of the most expensive parts of a car to repair, which is why mechanics often search car auctions to find working engines to replace damaged ones. However, many cars from auctions have been part of crashes, therefore finding a good engine can be difficult. If you visit an online car auction site, you will find that they also auction vehicles that have been passed on from insurance companies of seized, so the engines are more likely to be in a working condition.

3. Clutch

Depending on how you drive and the conditions you drive in depend on how often your clutch will need replacing. This is another component of the car that receives ongoing wear and tear and will therefore need replacing around every 100,00 miles. If you want to keep your clutch in the best condition possible it’s best not to be too harsh when driving.

4. Air Filter

Air filters are an essential part of any vehicle and help to keep dirt and dust from clogging up inside. If you drive on dirty roads, it is possible that your air filter would need replacing quite frequently. However, on average, vehicles need their filter replacing every 40,000 miles.

5. Alternator

If an alternator stops working, the mechanic often checks the wiring first to ensure that there is not just a fault. However, if the alternator of a car has stopped working then it can be easy to pick one up at a car auction. They usually fail as a result of having to power too many electrical parts of the car at once such as the lights, wipers and instrument panel. Leaving these on for too long can cause the alternator to stop working.

6. Tyres

It is extremely common for drivers to need their tyres replacing due to punctures. This can be caused from items such as glass getting stuck in the tracks, or poor road surfaces with deep potholes. Either way, replacing the tyres can be expensive, especially dependant on the quality you want. This is why buying replacement tyres from seized and re-possessed cars can save you money.

7. Oil filter

You should be changing your oil around every 4000 miles in order to ensure that your car drives smoothly and safely. Even though oil is not salvaged from cars at auction, the oil filter is an essential part that is often taken and used on other cars for repair.

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