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Do You Have A Love For The Open Road? Trucking Might Be In Your Blood

Do you have a love for the open road and the long stretching highways that go on for miles and miles? Contrary to popular belief, truck driving isn’t a somewhat of a class-based job. You don’t have had to be in love with trucks and big rigs from an early age to get a head start in the industry. If you want to leave behind your desk and never look back toward the office, you could find yourself behind the wheel of these awesome torque monsters. Some people just have an innate need to follow a career path that allows them to travel and spread their wings over new horizons every day. The good news for the trucking industry is that, no matter what happens in the future, there will always be a job open for the driver, to skillfully deliver their loads on time. Even Tesla is getting in on the action, with their new truck that apparently has the most torque ever in a truck, and can carry never before seen size and weight of loads. So, what does it take to be fortunate enough to drive one of these haulers?

Clean as a whistle

Think about it, who would trust someone to drive a big rig that produces over 2000 foot-pounds of torque, to someone who doesn’t have a clean driver’s license? Not many are the answer and quite right because driving a big rig 18-wheeler is no joke. Not only do you need to show you have a clean record, but it’s more than likely you’ll have to be willing to take some advanced driving courses to show you’re pretty handy behind the wheel. You cannot have any accident reports that show it was your fault for a crash, no speeding tickets and even no illegal parking tickets. For hauling companies to trust you, one must really be squeaky clean with regards to any sort of automobile licenses.

A willingness to learn

Trucking isn’t as simple as Hollywood movies sometimes make out, it’s a real craft, and when you’re dealing with 80,000 pounds of weight from the loads you’ll be carrying, each little detail of the vehicle and procedures matter. You must be willing to learn, and for those researching trucking schools, you should always search carefully for those with a proven record of safety. You can search for your local trucking schools, that will go into a greater depth about checking the vehicle with the best safety practices. You’ll also learn how to properly distribute the weight of the cargo and how to correctly use the attachment devices that secure the loads in place. You will also be developing strong business networks with clients and fellow CDL drivers. There’s a real sense of comradery between drivers, from all walks of life, so you won’t be longing for a community to connect with a seek help when you need it.

Patience and scheduling

Time management poses one of the most important and formidable challenges to truckers. Granted, no one has control over the traffic and the weather that can alter the conditions of the roads. However, you must be aware that there will be no boss to watch over you and make sure you’re doing things up to scratch. What matters is the final result, which is judged by standards that each company wants to hold its drivers too. It’s up to you to get moving when you know you’ll be encountering obstacles that will add time to your normal delivery patterns. You have to keep up-to-date with the traffic news of states and cities you’ll be driving into well beforehand. Even something as simple as setting your alarm and getting up early, but still getting enough sleep to be alert and fresh, is something you will have to maintain and be solely responsible for.

4 - Do You Have A Love For The Open Road? Trucking Might Be In Your Blood

Knowledge of highways and passes

In the days of old, drivers were left to their own devices to find their way to the destination they were assigned. All they had was a map and their own intellect to help them find the quickest, easiest and safest route. Nowadays, truckers have some of the most advanced GPS-guided electronic maps to show them the way. And yet, every driver must be worth their weight in salt and know the highways and hidden passes off by heart and like the back of their hand. Of course, this will come with experience, but a new driver that can show potential employers they know some of the best routes to take without looking at a map is going to be in with a greater chance of being shortlisted.

With tremendous power underneath your right foot when you’re behind the wheel of a big rig, you have to show you’re at the vest least competent with a car. A clean license will sweep aside the first obstacle upon which your intelligence to comprehend the various other challenges will come into question. You can go to your local trucking school to get a greater education on the industry and what is going to be asked of you at your test and get your own trucking authority. Sharp wits and an ability to be your own boss are skills high admired by employers.

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