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Best Accessories for Your Pickup Truck

How much can you pimp out your pickup truck? More than you’d expect. Here we break down all the best accessories your vehicle could ever want.

Want to transform your pickup truck into the ultimate show pony as well as the ultimate workhorse? Then these ten amazing accessories will help you go beyond just functionality and into straight-up style.

  1.     Tow Hooks

Adding tow hooks to your pickup truck can save you hundreds of dollars in tow truck fees. When your wife calls and says her little sports car slid off the road in an ice storm, no worries; simply hook a strap to your truck’s tow hooks and pull the car back onto the road. Or when you take that deep ditch with the truck and it gets high-centered, just call for the farm’s tractor to connect to your truck’s tow hooks and drag you out again. A quick, easy, and cheap investment that can save you thousands in the long-run.

  1.     Tonneau Covers

These are covers used to literally cover the contents of your truck’s bed. Tonneau covers come in multiple materials from soft folding covers with tear resistant material, soft roll-up covers with Velcro attachments, hard folding covers with locks, retractable covers, heavy-duty one-piece covers, lightweight ABS covers, and even super secured metal locking covers that can be painted to match your truck’s body color.

  1.     A Grill Guard

A guard for your truck’s front grill protects your headlights, radiator, and paint from brush or ice damage as you plow through deep snow or thick underbrush. Additionally, you can add lighting accessories to a grill guard and it gives added protection when moving livestock. It prevents that one angry bull from inflicting damage to your paint or poking a hole through your radiator, which is sure to leave you walking back to the ranch.

  1.     Mud Flaps

Mud flaps installed behind the truck’s rear tires are not just for you – and making your truck look more manly and bulky – it’s for those who are following you on the road. Mud flaps deflect rocks and mud that may flip off your tires, and prevent many angry commuters who may have an insurance claim against you for that cracked or chipped windshield. Additionally, installing mud flaps behind your front tires will help to protect your trucks body from rock and road salt damage, extending the life of your pickup’s undercarriage.

  1.     Tie-Down Hooks

It’s great to have all the proper straps or ropes to secure your cargo in the truck’s bed, but what do you tie them to? You get to your destination, pull out all the gear, and discover that the ropes have rubbed the paint off the side of your truck; it’s enough to make a grown man cry. Installing tie-down hooks on the top edge of the truck’s bed is a welcomed solution. Some even flip down flush with the bedrail when not in use for a smooth looking finish.

  1.     Bed Liners

There are many different types of truck bed liners and products on the market. From polymeric protection, hard shell plastic liners, diamond plate liners, to spray-on liners. The spray-on liner is permanent, but others can be removed when necessary. The goal of bed liners is to protect your truck’s bed from paint damage or dents, prevent load sliding, long-term damage such as rust, and lengthen the life of your truck’s bed.

  1.     Hitch and Mount

A hitch and a mount are used in conjunction for your towing and hauling needs. Your truck needs to be equipped with the correct receiver and hitch to accommodate all your towing needs. Make sure you check with your truck’s manufacturer to get the correct hitch and mount for your vehicle’s towing and hauling capacity.

  1.     Headache Rack

A headache rack is most appropriately named. It’s a steel or aluminum attachment that mounts in the truck’s bed, just behind the truck’s cabin. It helps keep cargo from flying forward, in the event of an accident or a quick braking situation, and entering the vehicle’s rear window. If your truck is going to be used for hauling large payloads, you need to seriously consider equipping it with a headache rack and reduce any eventual headache for yourself and your passengers.

  1.     Toolboxes

A large steel toolbox mounted in the bed of your truck saves you ample cargo space inside the cabin as well as helps to secure your most valuable items. Many box styles are available on the market to make the perfect fit. Even if you are not hauling tools, it’s nice to have that extra space for groceries when the cabin is needed for passenger seating.

  1.   Cable Winch

Winches come in either PTO (power take off) or electric. Using the weight of your truck as a dead-weight, winches do the pulling for you. They have multiple uses on the road, such as pulling yourself from a snowy ditch or deep mud, as well as on the farm like pulling a dead steer from the barn for burial. Additionally, ranchers use winches to pull fences tight, to drag logs to be cut for firewood, when doing tree-falling work, and for pulling logs from the brush to clear pastures.

With all the available options and accessories for your pickup truck, why not turn your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind?

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