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Top Tips For Visual Merchandising At Events

When you have a retail shop, it is easy to go all out with visual merchandising. Many shops employ window dressers and visual merchandisers to make their displays stand out. With visual merchandising at the shop, you have the time to try different techniques. Furthermore, you can utilise a more substantial amount of space for the most effective designs that win sales.

At shows and events, it is not so easy. With only a limited amount of space and usually limited storage and space in transport, you focus needs to be on taking as much stock to sell as possible, not equipment for visual merchandising. By following these top tips, you can help to increase your sales through visual merchandising without compromising on space for stock.

It is essential to remember that visual merchandising at shows and events is just as important as in a retail store. It is not an artistic luxury you can afford to miss; it is the primary way you can market your business to customers and help them to find what they need.

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How to use visual merchandising at events

Create space

When storage space is at a premium, many sellers will try and cram as many products into the table or booth as possible. This can make the shopping experience feel crowded, rushed and unpleasant. Instead, make sure that each product you offer has pride of place in your display. Lighting and mirrors can help the stall to feel more spacious as well as being useful if customers try your products on.

Top tip: Mirrored plinths are ideal for a practical mirror for customers and a stylish way to display products to maximise space.

Consider the background

Your stall should attract people from afar. To do this, a background display can add colour as well as being eye-catching so that people make a bee-line to your store. You can also use your background to display more products. While your background can be an excellent place for your logo, using similar colours and themes to your brand can be just as effective to make a lasting impression on your customer.

Top tip: Tension fabric display panels are flat, making them ideal for small spaces, they can also be compact, fitting into a wheeled suitcase, making it easy to transport between locations.


Another frustrating aspect for customers visiting stalls and fairs is having to ask how much items costs. To make it easy for customers to browse your products you need to have clear signage for pricing. However, too many signs and your stall will feel cluttered and confusing. You can also integrate pricing into cardboard display stands or fixtures to minimize signage. When choosing how to display prices, think about your audience, brand, style and colour. For example, if you are aiming upmarket, sales signs offering a ‘bargain’ may deter some customers.

Top tip: For adding lots of prices to lots of products, price guns are quick and effective. They are also lightweight yet robust for high usage. Sales tagging can also be effective when the time is limited.

Get prepared at Valentino’s Displays

Whatever event you are marketing at and for whatever product or service you sell, you can find all of the visual merchandising products that you need to boost your sales at Valentino’s Displays. Browse our extensive collection on our website and our team are available to help by calling +0044 1489 808007.

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