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Top Cigar Lighters

With the plenty versions of cigar lighters to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose the best. Especially among the TOP 13 Best Cigar Lighters in 2018 – Review & Buyer Guide, this is in addition to the fact that cost can also be a hindrance to your decision. For a passionate cigar smoker, it is obvious that your lighter will be in use most frequently. For that matter, you will obviously need a lighter that is of quality and durable.

Here are a few top cigar lighters you can choose from.

1. Xikar Trezo

It is one of the most popular cigar lighter in the smoke industry. It is of high quality and with exceptional qualities. Among such qualities include, it can produce, focused, and intense flame, it has a protective lead, a single thumb action button, and is reliable in that it can light a cigar instantly. The design is amazing where the jets are angled inwards and with piezo ignition. This causes it to produce a very nice looking blue flame. This lighter can light both the big and small cigars and above all, it fits well in the pocket.

2. Black Label Dominator by Lotus

It is a product of lotus and has a nickname of the Swiss army knife of cigar lighters. This lighter comes with various features such as hidden utensils hence the name, Swiss army knife. The Black Label Dominator produces amazing 4 jet- flame that makes it an instant lighter. Besides, it is long lasting where you can go for months or weeks without having to refill. However, this is usually determined by how frequent one smokes.

3. The Classic: Zippo Classic Cigar Lighter

The Zippo Classic Lighters are not new to smokers. This lighter has been around since earlier in the 30s. The Zippo classic lighters have many outstanding features that include the patent windproof screen and have a very appealing retro look. This lighter has been embraced by many where it has had some of its versions used by various film heroes and even the US military.

4. Black Label Dictator

Black Label Dictator cigar lighter is more of the best lighter for those who love flat flames. It has a brush like flame thus making lighting a cigarette more accurate. The black label’s style of flame is advantageous in many ways. Unlike the usual style of flaming, it makes the cigarette lighter much more evenly. As a result, the cigar burns in a much more even manner becoming more enjoyable to smoke. Black Label Dictator is lightweight and requires less fuel to light. Unlike the other cigar lighters, this lighter lights uniquely as it only require one to flip ignite.

5. Tonino Lamborghini

Just as the name suggests, Tonino Lamborghini is a product of the famous Lamborghini Company. This cigar lighter looks appealing with a Lamborghini look assemblance. It comes in a very beautiful case and with very astonishing features. To begin with, it is wind resistant and has a fuel gauge for showing the fuel level. When it comes to lighting, it has a beautiful flame that projects well from its triple jet system. This is a reliable flame to start with if, in case, you are new to cigar smoking.

In summary, in case you have been looking for a new cigar lighter presently, there are many brands with many appealing products. In this case, it is only a matter of your interest to choose the right one. With the above review, at least I am assured that you can get what works for you.

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