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How to beat the Slot RNG 

beat the Slot RNG 
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How to beat the Slot RNG 

If you play a slot game, it is all about luck. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to ensure the symbols land in the way in which you would like them to, and you cannot predict with any type of certainty when you’re likely to win; this means you can not beat the Slot RNG. This is because slots are designed with an inbuilt RNG (random number generator). This particular portion of a software application has to be there by law, and it indicates that each spin is totally random such as online casino.

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Photo by DEAR on Unsplash

The RNG essentially would make each and every game a game of luck. It helps to ensure there is equality across many of the games so that nobody is actually able to cheat, and every person has only the same possibility to win. Players can be sure that they can simply take it easy and view the game in front of them when enjoying a slot game as it unfolds. There’s no pressure because there’s no way you can do anything, so even if you lose, it’s still relaxing. 

Could The Way You Play Change The RNG’s Outcome?

No. It is as easy as that. Regardless of how long you’re playing for or just how much you pay into virtually any game, the RNG means that you will either win or lose whatever it is you do. The game is certainly not taking note of what you are doing either, and it is not reporting to the casino or the game developer, despite what some folks think. Why would this happen? The RNG simply does what it’s meant to do and nothing more. 

Do I Need To Understand The RNG To Play?

Once more, no. You don’t have to find out exactly how any of the parts come together to make a slot game work to have the ability to play. Money is paid by you, push, or perhaps click a button, and the game starts. That is pretty much everything you have to know. Soon the symbols will land once the reels stop moving, and at that point, you’ve either won or lost (and losing is the most probable outcome because there are many more losing combinations than winning ones). That’s it. 

Obviously, you can find out much more about slots. You can research exactly how they are created, what takes place during design, you can find out more about the RNG, but not one of it’s likely to allow you to win more often or win more cash. Learning more must be about wondering and enjoying the learning, not about working to work out how you can cheat the RNG. 

Manipulating The RNG

You might worry that, although players can’t do anything to negatively impact the RNG, the casinos the video games are actually in may be in a position to. This is not likely to be what goes on. First of all, what would a casino get by doing that? Their players lose the vast majority of times they play anyway, and when they do win, it is very rare it is not likely to give the casino a problem. 

Additionally, if players never won anything, they would quickly look elsewhere for sites to have fun on, thus earning zero profit entirely for the casino. It just is not worthwhile and doesn’t make any sense for a casino to do that. Nobody is helped by it.


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