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High-class Cannabis Products for the EDC

High-class Cannabis Products for the EDC
Photo by Taylor Kopel on Unsplash

You aren’t the average stoner — you don’t wake-and-bake with a dirty bong and eat fistfuls of Doritos to sate your munchies. You think of yourself as a refined cannabis user, and as such, you deserve the best cannabis accouterments out there.

While there are plenty of stylish cannabis tools to decorate the home, finding high-class cannabis gear for on-the-go is a bit more difficult. If you are obsessed with accruing the slickest everyday carry, you need the following sleek and sophisticated stoner stuff:


Rolling papers are slim and easy to fit into an EDC, but they aren’t exactly sophisticated. Even eminently style icons like Brad Pitt and A$AP Rocky struggle to make a rolled blunt look high-class; more likely than not, a joint rolled on the go is going to make you look like a base stoner, not an urbane gentleman.

Thus, if you can’t use rolling papers, you will need to find a sleek, stylish pipe. Easily the best option for your EDC is the Nomad Pipe from Tetra. This minimalist one-hitter is lightweight aluminum, with a spring-loaded bat and a trough with a magnet closure. Because it can store up to half a gram of bud, this pipe could be everything you need to get high on the go, as long as you aren’t going too far from home.


Many sophisticated stoners don’t like to use flowers because it covers them in a pungent and lingering fug. If you don’t like smelling like a skunk doused in gasoline, you might prefer to carry around a cannabis vaporizer. Portable vapes are more powerful and more attractive than ever, and because they don’t combust cannabis like pipes or papers, they are easier to hide in plain sight.

There are many exceptional cannabis vape options, but a fan favorite is the Double Barrel. Futuristic and innovative, this vaping device allows you to double the potency of the hit by inhaling through two chambers instead of just one. Even so, it is small enough to fit in your pocket without producing a bulge.


Bubblers aren’t as common as joints, pipes, or vapes, but they are a solid choice for the stoner who needs a clean, cool hit. Like a portable bong, a bubbler uses water filtration to remove the harshness of cannabis smoke. Though bubblers aren’t quite as small and sleek as pipes or vapes, they can be EDC-friendly.

This is especially true of the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler. Despite being made of glass, this bubbler feels sturdy, and it certainly looks stylish with smooth lines from stem to base. Though you might have to treat your bubbler with some care to keep it clean and safe, it is an excellent addition to your EDC if you prefer bong rips to pipe sips.


If you are using rolling papers, a pipe, or a bubbler, you will need a way to carry your bud to use on the go. A plastic bag might have sufficed in high school, but if you are taking the time to curate your EDC, you probably want something a bit more stylish and a bit less prone to sprinkling weed crumbs all over your pockets.

Weed flower
Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash

The answer, of course, is Stasher. The Stasher Bag is a reusable silicone storage bag, which you can purchase in a range of colors to suit your taste. The pocket-sized bag is perfect for a small amount of bud, though if you do buy higher quantities of flower from a Denver dispensary, you might want to upgrade to the snack bag.


Again, unless you opt for a vape, you need a way to combust your cannabis before you consume it. Fortunately, lighters are an essential component of a capable EDC, and there are a few small and stylish lighter options to choose from. We are always partial to a Zippo, especially if you can find a vintage or heirloom Zippo. However, if you prefer something more high-tech, you might look to the XIKAR EX, which produces a windproof flame that looks like something from a jet engine.

In the 21st century, few stoners fit the stereotype of unkempt hair, dirty clothes, and munchie crumbs. You need to be careful which cannabis equipment you add to your EDC, so it looks and functions exactly as it should.

Featured Photo by Taylor Kopel on Unsplash