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How to Plan the Perfect Date That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet

How to Plan the Perfect Date That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet
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When it comes to dating, the modern gentleman needs a more considerate approach for planning a memorable and romantic evening for their partner. Time spent and efforts made are more valuable to most women than extravagant gifts. This isn’t to say that gifts aren’t lovely and appreciated, but making an effort to go above and beyond in planning a perfect date shows your date how much you really care for them. Whether you are planning an epic weekend or just a midweek date night, the key to success requires a bit of action.

Communication and good listening skills are two of the most essential factors to building a strong relationship. Planning a perfect date that will thrill your partner will take both of these skills. Whether you want to hire a sailboat for the day from Emerald Landing or set up a picnic at your favorite outdoor spot, the more consideration, and planning that you put into your efforts, the more successful you will be. Let’s take a look at a few tips for planning a date that will sweep her off her feet.


The most challenging part of planning the perfect date is coming up with a winning idea. If you practice being a good listener, your partner has likely already shared a few hints that can be helpful. Find out what your partner likes, where their favorite restaurant is, if they like the outdoors, or if they like the theatre. Once you have a better idea of the types of activities that your partner would enjoy, you will be able to make a more solid plan. 

Along with discovering the things that your partner likes, it’s essential to know what they don’t like. You don’t want to end up planning a day cruising on the water if your partner gets seasick or setting up a hike in the woods if your partner is more of a city girl.


When you are planning your perfect date, you need to consider her comfort. If there is a chance that there may be poor weather, make sure that you plan accordingly. Throw a large umbrella in the car or have a backup plan in place just in case of rainfall. Sharing a few details about your date with your partner can help them to prepare appropriately. You may want to suggest the type of footwear that would be appropriate or that bringing an extra sweater may be a good idea. A few clues won’t ruin the surprise but show her that you are thinking about her comfort.

Make It a Surprise

Surprise dates can be tricky to pull off without any hitches. However, the power of a surprise can be intoxicating. Planning a date that will sweep her off her feet can be that much more exciting if she doesn’t see it coming. Get help from friends and family to help you keep your partner in the dark until the big day is upon you.

Plan for Everything

There is nothing that will ruin your plans faster than having lousy weather. You never know what can happen, even if you have been checking the weather reports for days. Pay attention to your season weather shifts when you are thinking about your date plans. If the average temperatures are hot, choosing an indoor activity that includes air conditioning may be the way to go. If you are in the middle of the rainy season, you will need to have both a backup plan along with the right rain protection gear to pull off the perfect date without getting wet.

Personal Grooming

These days, people are getting pretty lax about their personal grooming. Having a three-day-old beard isn’t a big issue if you are planning a night home with some movies. However, for a special night out, it’s important to put some effort into how you look. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out and rent a tuxedo for your date, but putting on a clean outfit, having a shave, or even getting your hair trimmed will show her how much effort you went through to make her night special.

Get Creative

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Anyone can plan a home-cooked dinner at home or a day out enjoying the local sights, but if you want to really make an impact, you need to start thinking outside the box. Instead of heading to her favorite restaurant, take her back to the place where you had your first date. Rather than spending the day just seeing the sights, take to the air in a helicopter and get a bird’s eye view of your city. Try to choose an activity that you will both enjoy and perhaps something that you have never done as a couple.

Keep It Simple

Planning the perfect date doesn’t mean that you have to go so big that the logistics are overwhelming. The more details that you try to pack into one date, the higher the odds that something will go wrong. While it’s fun to think big, keeping your plan simple and elegant can still have a huge impact. 

Use Your Manners

If you are striving to be a real gentleman on your date, you must use your manners. Open the car door and any other doors that you encounter for your date. Pull out her chair. Keep the language polite and non-offensive. Be polite to your restaurant servers and show her that you have a highly civilized side.

Planning a date that will sweep her off her feet is all about paying attention, listening, and making an effort. Every woman wants to be made to feel special, appreciated, and worthy of your time and attention. A modern gentleman knows how to show his partner that they are important and that no amount of effort is too much. Follow some of these tips to help you plan a date that will sweep her off her feet and right into your arms.