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Dating Tips for Guys Who Want to Score a Date

Dating Tips for Guys Who Want to Score a Date
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

10 Online Dating Tips for Guys Who Want to Score a Date

Unlike in the past where you would have to head out to bars, social gatherings, and theme nights to mingle with other singles, online dating has grown in popularity, placing itself at the forefront when it comes to finding your soulmate. Thanks to technology and smartphones, users can find potential suitors with a simple click of a button. With so much competition out there, knowing how to stand out from the crowd is crucial. If you’re looking for dating tips for guys, you have come to the right pace as we have ten tips to help you score a date. Remember, these are just a few tips that you can learn from a dating coach among many effective ways to win women’s hearts through online dating.

Dating Tips for Guys Who Want to Score a Date
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

While there are plenty of single guys who enjoy playing the field, there are many others who are serious about finding a long-term partner. If you are one of them and you are new to online dating, here are ten tips that can help you score a first date.

Find the Right Dating Platform

Before you embark on your quest for a date, you must pick the right dating website that caters to all your needs. With so much choice to choose from, knowing where to start can be challenging.  If you’re serious about finding love, you might want to try a site like JustKiss rather than the more casual sites of Tinder and POF. What makes JustKiss stand out from the crowd is that they use unique matchmaking technology, which can help you find the date you’ve been dreaming of.

Know What You’re Looking For

Once you’ve found an online dating site that’s right for you, having an idea of the type of woman you would like to date should be your next port of call. Being vague won’t get you anywhere, so it’s best to think about the type of personality that attracts you most. Think about the traits that you admire, and don’t be afraid to state what you want.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

While you may think you have a profile that will wow the ladies, if you’re serious about taking your online dating game to the next level, you should try to put yourself in your potential partner’s shoes. Gaining an insight into a woman’s perspective can help you create a profile that stands out for all the right reasons. You need to remember that most women will get dozens and dozens of messages, so having a profile and opening message that catches their eye is crucial. 

Show, Don’t Tell

One of the main mistakes that guys make when online dating is writing about their traits, rather than demonstrating what they have to offer. There is a vast difference between merely saying that you’re a funny guy and sharing a humorous story on your dating profile. You need to think about what you want to get across to potential matches, helping to make sure your personality and wit shine through. 

Choose the Right Profile Picture

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In the world of online dating, first impressions are everything. To increase the chance of you getting a date, you must pick the right kind of profile picture. What you may think looks great may be the root cause of why you aren’t getting anywhere, so if you’re unsure of what kind of photo to choose, it could be worth asking your friends for some help. If you have the option to include other pictures on your profile, try and select some of you in a social environment, or doing something interesting. Not only can doing this make women take more notice of you, but it can also be a great way to start up a conversation.

Personalize Your Greeting

When it comes to making the first move, knowing what to say can make the difference between you scoring a date and turning suitors off. While you may think a generic ‘hello, what’s up?’ may be suitable, you have to bear in mind that there are tons of guys who will have the same mindset. To stand out from the rest, you will need to be a bit more imaginative in your approach to charm the ladies. To tailor your greeting, make sure to check out their profile first so you can gauge what sorts of things that interest them. Not only are you more likely to get a response by doing so, but it can also improve the chances of you getting a date too.

Be Polite and Respectful

Once you’ve broken through the barrier and got the pleasantries out the way, make sure that you remain polite, respectful, and friendly throughout your conversation. Keep the conversation light, and focus on their interests and hobbies, take the time to listen and show interest in their life. Having manners and showing proper etiquette can go a long way, so if you’re serious about scoring a date, keeping things PC is the best way to go.

Don’t Play Games

Online dating is a different experience for each person. However, there is one rule of thumb that you should always abide by, which is don’t play games. At the end of the day, no one wins out of using this strategy, so if you aren’t interested in someone after having a conversation, being mature enough to tell them that you aren’t interested is critical. And for those who are keen, don’t play hard to get, as it will get you nowhere in the long run.

Be Brave

If the conversation is flowing and you’re ready to make the next move, you must be confident and brave enough to ask the woman out on a date. No one wants to spend week after week conversing online without seeing any results, so it may be up to you to take the plunge and ask the question, rather than leaving it up to the other party. If you’re worried about being rejected, try and see it as a positive. Instead of wasting your time chatting endlessly to someone who has no intention of meeting, while it can be hard to face rejection, at least it means you can dust yourself off, move on, and find a woman who is interested in going on a date with you. 

Don’t Give Up – Dating Tips for Guys

The online dating world can be a minefield to get your head around, so if you’re putting 110% into securing a date, it may take a little bit more time to find the right woman for you. Rather than giving up on the first hurdle, being patient and consistent is critical when it comes to scoring a date. If you’re not getting the results you want, try not to be too disheartened. Whether you live in a small village, town, or city, there are bound to be many other singletons in the same boat as you.

No matter what way you look at it, online dating can be daunting and frightening. With so many digital dating platforms, not to mention an endless stream of potential partners, doing all that you can to stand out from the crowd will not only make more women take notice of your profile but increase the chances of you scoring the date you desire. Romantic relationships are difficult and sometimes you may want to get back wtih an ex.  Using these dating tips and strategies can set you on the road to success in helping you find your dream girl.