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Gambling Tourism in Europe: Features and Tips

Gambling tourism in Europe: features and tips
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Gambling tourism exists because new online casino in the UK is not allowed everywhere. In addition, in some countries, the gambling industry is striking in scale and service. Traveling allows tourists to experience not only the sights and local cuisine but also entertainment. In which countries is the gambling industry best developed? Germany Monaco Malta UK Gibraltar Portugal Spain Some prefer to play live, while others choose casinos not blocked by GameStop where you can get a no deposit bonus and other gifts. But let’s talk about worldwide gambling industry in a little more detail.


The German resort of Baden-Baden is located in the very center of Europe. The city has long become a gambling tourism center for both residents and tourists from neighboring countries. A local attraction is the Baden-Baden Casino, which is part of a huge complex. There are also slot machine halls in most other large cities of the country.


The gaming business is the leading sector of the economy here. The rules for visiting gambling halls are very strict here. For example, the popular Monte Carlo club has a dress code – a business suit for men and an evening dress for women. The game is played here for big money. And those who like to play with minimum bets choose online clubs with no deposit bonuses, all kinds of promotions, and the opportunity to play for fun, especially without risking.


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This is a country in which the gambling tourism business is developed and strictly regulated by law. The most popular Maltese establishments are Dragonara Casino, Oracle Casino with a dress code for players. True, not all casinos are thriving. The famous Casino di Venezia in the elegant mansion of the former Admiralty building closed in 2013 after significant losses for several years and a robbery in 2012 (the robbers fled with € 500,000 in cash). Since the owners were unable to pay the rent for the land, the state returned the building through court, and now the Casino di Venezia is closed forever.

Great Britain

The UK has a wide network of casinos, the British are known for their love of gambling. In 2007, Casino at The Empire opened in London – the largest in the country. The owners had planned to “bring the sparkle of Las Vegas to London nightlife,” and they succeeded. In addition to the game rooms, the building houses two expensive restaurants, several bars, and a stage for dance shows. All casinos in the country are open around the clock. Naturally, they were closed during the pandemic, but online casinos were helping out the players. The main feature of gambling in the UK is that the game is played here exclusively for cash. If in other countries you can get a loan for a game, leaving jewelry or other valuables as collateral, then this is not accepted here. Also, since April 2020, the Gambling Commission has introduced a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling. Credit card bets cannot be placed online or offline. This law was passed to prevent the consequences of gambling addiction among the disadvantaged segments of the population.


At the bottom of the rating of countries with developed gambling tourism is Gibraltar, with its incredibly low tax rate for gambling business owners. Virtual platforms are no less popular in Gibraltar.


Portugal is one of the European centers of gambling. The most famous casino in Estoril, located in the coastal resort town of Cascais near Lisbon. It is one of the largest operating casinos in Europe. There are smaller casinos in other cities of Portugal – in Porto, Lagos, Faro, and others.


Several “branches” of the casino, claiming to be the largest in Europe, will open at once in the resorts of Cyprus. The corresponding agreement was signed by a consortium of three companies. According to the investors’ plan, the casino itself will become the center of the integrated resort. In addition, its “satellites” will open in Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, and Paphos. In total, more than 136 gaming tables and 1200 slot machines are promised for those who like gambling. In addition, the construction of the accompanying infrastructure is attached – a hotel, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities.


Madrid did not give up its positions either. Of course, the magnificent Spanish beaches and sights of the capital have been and remain attractive to tourists from all over the world, and real estate in Valencia is being sold at such a frantic pace that the locals do not even have time to ask the price, as yesterday’s tourists are already buying apartments and villas on the coast, dreaming of summer ” dacha rest “on the seaside beaches. But tourists, too, sooner or later begin to get bored without the proper amount of entertainment, looking more and more towards Thailand, where they can somehow have some fun. Therefore, the casinos of Madrid opened wide embraces and even started a rumor that it was possible to win at roulette using some unthinkable strategies. This story turned out to be so inspiring that instantly a whole line of gambling pilgrims reached Spain, wishing to learn the secret of the skill of Gonzalo Pelayo, the legendary grandfather who beat and nearly ruined the casino in Madrid. Everyone became madly interested. How is this so?


Clever people, having allowed one to win, attracted a million people who wanted to repeat the feat of the only roulette winner. Madrid was triumphant.

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