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A Complete Guide to Online Slots Symbols

A Complete Guide to Online Slots Symbols
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With every theme imaginable at your fingertips, you’re certainly presented with a lot of different symbols when playing online Slots. The number of symbols and the different winning combinations they can make differ depending on the game itself. It would be helpful to have a guide to online slots symbols.

For video Slots, the type of symbols included tending to be the same, with a mixture of standard, scatter, and wild symbols. Thanks to technological advances, these symbols open up the game to lots more possibilities and enhance your gameplay to the max! You’ll find a whole array of games available to play at the Paddy Power casino website as just one example. 

Let us run through what those different symbols are and how they work while you’re playing slots at an online casino. 

Standard Symbols 

The standard symbols on a slot are usually the lowest paying and make up the bulk of what you find on the reel. Harking back to the slot machine’s origins, they mostly consist of playing card royals ranging from Ace to nine, or the icons of card suits: diamond, club, heart, and spade. They’re always given a modern twist for video Slots, though, and emphasize the theme of the game being played – embellished with gold, tartan, or jungle leaves. 

These symbols tend to be fruit for the more retro Slots, reminiscent of the slot machines of days gone by, such as oranges, lemons, cherries, and watermelons. Although the least valuable in the game, matching these symbols or landing a winning combination can still contribute to a pay-out. 

Scatter Symbols

Making an appearance on many a video slot, scatter symbols are the key to activating bonus rounds or mini-games. Again, keeping within the theme of the slot being played, you usually have to land three or more of these on an active pay-line to gain access to a separate bonus feature or round. Finding these symbols on the wheels could see you being rewarded with free spins, bonus multipliers, or even the chance to win an impressive jackpot prize. 

You can expect the scatter to be represented by a range of icons from fried fish to treasure maps, depending on the scene being set in the game. 

Wild Symbols 

One of the most sought-after symbols in a slot game is the wild. A common attribute of the video slot, landing one of these can transform the reels, as they substitute all other standard symbols. This can be across the grid or just on one reel or row. Converting symbols to those with a higher value or matching symbols improves the potential of a winning combination across pay lines. 

Wilds can also be sub-separated into categories: 

  • Sticky wilds 

These types of wilds stay on the reels for more spins once landed after the initial spin. They essentially ‘stick’ to the reel and make the possibility of winning combinations easier to achieve. In some cases, the sticky wild will keep sticking and remain until a spin yields no more winning play-lines. 

  • Moving wilds 

Another special wild symbol, a moving wild, remains on the reels for multiple spins but can actively change the position on the reels after each spin. Again, this contributes to the chances of landing more winning combinations. They also usually award bonus features and only last a certain number of spins or disappear after a particular number of winning combinations has been achieved. 

  • Wandering wilds

Joining the non-stationary gang, wandering wilds are similar to the moving type of symbol, but these icons have a specific movement pattern that they follow, leading them off the reels. Most commonly, a wandering wild will move from one reel to the next, making its way left across the screen until it reaches the end and then disappears. Of course, like all the other wilds, this will be represented by a symbol that matches the overall theme of the slot. 

Follow this guide to online slots for understanding the symbols.

Featured Photo by DEAR on Unsplash

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