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5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Bicycle

A bicycle is probably something we dream of owning when we’re kids. However, with the flexibility and health benefits associated with cycling, it’s still one of the most sought-after things that we can own in the current day. In this article, we’ll be explaining five different reasons as to why everyone should own at least one bicycle in their life.

It’s a convenient and green method of transportation

If you’re used to taking public transport or driving your own car around then you’ve probably thought about going green at some point. Purchasing a bicycle is one of the best decisions you can make if you’re concerned about the environment. Not only is it a convenient method of transportation, it’s also inexpensive and doesn’t use fuel and contributes to a greener lifestyle. You can ride it to work, go shopping with it or even travel cross-country if you really wanted to.

It comes with lots of health benefits

Cycling comes with many health benefits such as being a good muscle workout and improving your cardiovascular fitness. It helps to improve your joints as well and is relatively low-impact, meaning it’s a suitable form of exercise for children, seniors and every age in between.

They’re inexpensive considering all the advantages

The cost of a bicycle really isn’t high at all. Considering you can use it for transportation, for your commutes, as an exercise machine and even just for entertainment, a bicycle is probably one of the best-value purchases you can make. Even the accessories for your bike are relatively inexpensive. For instance, if you want to ride at night, check out outboundlighting.com/ to see just how cheap lights can be. Safety equipment isn’t expensive either and can easily be replaced in the future.

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It’s a great social activity with friends and family

Riding a bike is a fun social activity that you can invite your friends and family to. Going for a group ride around the neighbourhood is a fun way to hang out and get fit together, and you can even be competitive and race each other if you want to. You can even use mobile apps such as strava.com/ to connect with friends and family around the world that also cycle.

You can save a lot of money with a bike

As mentioned already, a bicycle is a great value purchase for anyone that wants a green method of transportation that is efficient, light and easy to manage. However, it can save you even more money in the long-run if you make extensive use of it. You can save money that you would’ve spent on gas by riding to work or for your grocery run, you probably won’t need a gym membership after realizing the fitness advantages of riding a bike, and you’ll even save money on entertainment if you find bike riding an enjoyable pastime.

As you can see, purchasing a bicycle could be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Assuming you can fit your life around your bicycle, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the numerous benefits it can offer.

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