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3 Hacks for Supercharging Your Lifts

3 Hacks for Supercharging Your Lifts
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There is nothing more frustrating for someone who is resistance training than not seeing any improvements. This happens because people don’t understand how their body works in many cases. Other people make fundamental mistakes with their techniques and can’t keep them consistent, so they don’t increase strength in the areas they attempt to target. This is why you will need to reevaluate what you do in the gym and what you do before and after your sessions. Let’s take a look at a few hacks to supercharge your lifts.

Train Less Often

You would be surprised at how many people cannot get over a plateau because of overtraining. Your body needs time to rest, and it is recommended that you wait at least 48 hours before you train a muscle or muscle group again. But there are cases when more rest might be better, such as when it comes to older people, for instance. As you grow older, your ability to repair tissue and recover becomes lesser. Training at a low frequency could help you get over that hump. You should also consider giving your body one week of complete rest per month to ensure that you don’t do too much.

Do Upper-Lower Splits

Another thing we suggest is that you skip whole-body workouts and do splits instead. You can do all sorts of split training, but the easiest to manage is upper-lower splits. For instance, you could work your upper body on one day, your lower body on the next, and take a break on the third day. This way, you will never overwork a part of the body and will give three full days for each muscle group to recover.

Use Supplements

Supplementation will also make a big difference in your performance to supercharge your lifts. You need to take supplements to boost energy, attention, and focus when you are in the gym and for recovery. You should start your sessions with a good pre-workout shake or drink. You could also eat a meal, but it will feel heavier on your stomach than a drink and need more time to break down.

Your pre-workout food should contain a mix of protein, easy-to-digest carbs, and some sort of stimulant. Sugar and stimulants will help with that pump, and protein will sustain your muscles while keeping you focused.

A few pre-workout shakes contain all of this, but most of them will only contain sugar and a stimulant, usually in the form of caffeine. So, you can either make your own pre-workout drink or pick up one over the counter and take protein in one way or the other.

When it comes to recovery, you need protein to repair your muscles, but you also need to watch for inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain and fast recovery, so many people recommend that you take something like an omega-3 capsule after a workout.

Other supplements may be helpful for strength training, like turkesterone, for instance. Turkesterone is a naturally occurring steroid produced by plants and certain types of insects. What makes turkesterone different is that it doesn’t attach to the body’s androgen receptors as anabolic steroids do, but it could replicate some of their effects. This is a completely legal supplement, so we suggest you look more into it if you have questions and only buy it from a reputable source.

Follow our few tips to supercharge your lifts. You might see significant improvements in your performance after a few weeks. Remember to be consistent and always look for more ways to maximize your results.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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