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Re-Ignite Your Crappy Mornings (Before You Even Get Out of Bed)

Cup of Coffee
Photo by Julia Florczak on Unsplash

What is the very first thing you do after you open your eyes each and every morning?

Do you press play on the videotape of What Happened Yesterday and what out of all that can I judge myself for? Or do you immediately visualize your to-do list for today and sigh deeply inwards? Maybe you simply autopilot your way out of bed to the coffee machine and curse that elephant that seems to be sitting on your head…again.

If the above is true for you, or any version of that, I have great news for you: There is a way to re-ignite your crappy mornings and set an awesome day in motion — and you can initiate it all from the comfort of your bed.

Cup of Coffee
Photo by Julia Florczak on Unsplash

#1. Is This Mine?

Often when we wake up, we tap into everyone we care about, and we become instantly aware of what their morning is like – the good the bad and the ugly.

This is a great capacity, and the problem is that we can’t change something that goes on for someone else, only what goes on for ourselves. Therefore, your first questions in the crappy morning should be: Who does this belong to? Is it mine?

If it lightens up at all (if the elephant starts moving away) it is not yours! Return it to the sender, with consciousness attached – and continue with your morning.

#2. Choose Gratitude

How soon after opening your eyes do you judge yourself? The truth us, most of us judge ourselves in ways that are so subtle they become the norm, and we get going us soon as we open our eyes. Some of us even do it in our sleep…

However, there is an antidote to judgment. It is called gratitude and it is more potent than you could ever imagine! Gratitude and judgement cannot exist together, and if you choose gratitude from the time you open your eyes, you will set the tone for totally different day. 

You get to choose what you bring to this day. You can bring judgment, or you can bring gratitude. From your bed, before even getting up, pick five things about you that you’re grateful for right now.

And if this is hard, ask:

  • What’s right about me that I’m not getting?
  • What if great about me that I am not getting?
  • What gift am I to the world that I haven’t yet acknowledged?

#3. The List of Joy

I will let you in on a secret: The best way to scare that elephant off is to take action for joy!

So to get ready for the crappy mornings, I suggest that you compile a list of what makes you happy — maybe hugging your kid, going for a run, do yoga, have sex, swim in the ocean, feel the sun on your face, ride a horse, pet a dog, sing a song, dance a crazy dance or invent something that has never ever existed before.

Whatever lights you up and gives you a sense of joy and peace, that should be on your scare-off-the-elephant list.

That way, when you need it, grab your list from your night-table, tap into the joy and commit to finding at least 5 minutes that day to do one thing on that list. Just one. It is enough to start shifting everything-

#4. Ask for An Adventure
Sometimes we can get jaded bored with our own lives – and even with ourselves. The trot of everyday living gets to us, and there seem to be nothing new to get up for in the morning.

What of that is one of the greatest lies we’ve been sold? What if you could leave behind everything you were yesterday? What if you have the capacity to create you anew, everyday?

This is the time for one of my favorite questions:  
Who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have? 

The first part of this question plants you firmly in the here and now, where whatever was yesterday no longer is relevant. The second part takes you into the mode of anything is possible.

From that space, you can start to create the you, and the day you truly desire.  

#5. Engage the Universe

Finally, I would suggest that you add some magic to your day. Engage the universe and give it a mission.

Right before you throw the covers back, ask: Universe, please show me something beautiful today?

The universe has your back. It will deliver. You just have to be willing to receive the beauty the universe delivers. And please know, it probably won’t look at all like you think it will.

The beauty of a re-ignited day comes in many forms. Your job is to welcome them all!

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