Best Ways To Support Your Partner Who Has Fibromyalgia

It’s not easy living with a chronic illness. If a loved one of yours is suffering from fibromyalgia, the condition will surely cause a lot of trouble to the patient’s life.

People who have fibromyalgia will feel pain all over their body, causing them to feel uncomfortable in anything they do. If not treated early, fibromyalgia can have a serious impact on both their body and mind.                    

Showing constant encouragement to your partner who is going through the pain of fibromyalgia is very important. It’s your job to help them relax and enjoy life in the best way possible.

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First, you need to understand more about the condition to help your partner feel better. Let’s check out some basic information about fibromyalgia and what you can do to show your love and support.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain in the body, making the patient restless most of the time. They cannot sleep or relax because of the constant aching and feel that the pain won’t stop; however hard they try. This is because their pain receptors are not working properly, making the patient overly sensitive to pain.

Fibromyalgia can easily lead to fatigue and mental distress. The cause of the disease is still unknown, and it certainly is very stressful, not knowing how to manage the pain.  

Though many mysteries about fibromyalgia remain, it can still be effectively handled. With proper self-management and regular follow-up with the doctor’s recommended treatments, the patient’s condition will surely improve.

How To Show Your Support To Your Partner

When your partner knows that they will have your full support and love, their mood will lighten up. Living with a condition as painful and mentally exhausting as fibromyalgia is not easy. Thus, these are the best ways for you to show them that you care:

1. Educate yourself

To truly feel what your partner is going through, you’ll need sufficient information and knowledge about the disease. Research fibromyalgia cases and what helped the patients get better.   

Although the symptoms and level of pain might differ from one person to another, there will still be helpful tips and advice for you. 

2. Raise awareness

When you’ve already gathered enough info about fibromyalgia and understand the condition more, it’s time to spread the awareness to others. Fibromyalgia affects approximately four million US adults, which is around 2% of the population. Therefore, the more people are aware of this condition, the more they are prepared.

You can start writing about your and your partner’s journey with fibromyalgia. What you two have gone through and how you managed to support each other will be valuable experiences to many. 

Or if you prefer something more simple, how about getting you and your partner some matching fibromyalgia awareness clothing? This is an effortless way to encourage other people to determine what fibromyalgia is about and be more conscious of the condition. 

3. Give them thoughtful gifts.

A practical present to relieve the stress caused by fibromyalgia will certainly show your partner how much you care about them. 

There are many options for great fibromyalgia gifts:

  • To lessen the patient’s pain, you can get them a massaging machine or pain-relieving essential oils for a home aromatherapy session.
  • To lessen the patient’s stress, give them relaxing books or sign them up for a yoga class.  
  • To help the patient sleep better, massaging eye masks and weighted blankets are wonderful choices.
  • Other gift ideas include comfortable clothing, gift cards to their favorite stores, therapy sessions, or a relaxing trip away from home.

4. Keep up with their treatment.

Sometimes treatment for fibromyalgia can be tiring, as it requires the patient to exercise regularly and maintain a strict diet. If your partner is having a hard time keeping up with the routine, why don’t you join them?

This will motivate your partner to follow up the treatment more consistently, thus making it more efficient. At the same time, it’s also the chance for you to exercise as well!

5. Provide emotional support

Fibromyalgia will definitely have significant effects on your partner’s mental health and not just physical health. Therefore, your role of being their emotional support is more important than ever.  

The more positive and encouraged the fibromyalgia patient is, the less pain they will feel. Remind them constantly that you’re here to back them up whenever they need.

6. Be understanding

Nothing makes a fibromyalgia patient more stressed than hearing others say that their pain is ‘made up.’ They just don’t know where the pain started or how to stop it. The struggle is certainly not something that they randomly come up with.

Therefore, be more tolerant of your partner’s complaints and let them vent out their frustrations. Keep them company during doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions. If they’re having a hard time doing something, tell them that it’s ok. They should listen to their body instead of pushing themselves too far.

Your partner will feel that you’re there for them no matter what and will have more time to focus on treating the condition. 

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