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4 Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

4 Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

The most notorious types of alcoholics are the functioning ones. This is because the lives of these folks look relatively healthy, making it easier for them to deny there’s a problem to worry about. The following are signs of a functioning alcoholic.

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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

1. Dealing With Stress

One sign a person might be a functioning alcoholic is if this person uses alcohol to deal with stress. Sometimes, these folks have a legitimate reason to feel stressed.

Maybe their jobs are challenging, or perhaps they just had a tough day at work. Whatever the excuse, it’s usually something any rational person can understand. The problem is simply this: no one should need alcohol to deal with stress. The reality is everyone deals with some form of anxiety, yet not everyone drinks to feel better.

2. Obvious Denial

Denial is usually a sign of trouble. This behavioral issue can be addressed with the right treatment for alcohol addiction. AION Health Group mentions that “cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) works with individuals to determine negative thought patterns that lead to unhealthy behavior, like abusing drugs or alcohol.”

If denial is an issue, it is rectified through this type of therapy. Keep in mind this is just an example of one behavioral issue linked to alcoholism. It might be useful to talk to a professional to find out more about functional alcoholics and the type of the behavioral problems they might display.

3. Excited to Drink

There’s nothing wrong with a little drink here and there. Maybe a person happens to be at a party with friends, and perhaps it’s expected of this person to share a beer or a little wine with them. These types of spirits are social-friendly.

They sometimes allow a person to feel a little looser, especially during a social setting. A functioning alcoholic can’t wait for these types of social functions. With time, this person might frequently find ways to drink alone. If this is happening, then the likelihood that this person is a functioning alcoholic is high.

4. Heavy Drinking

A person with a problem can’t have just one wine glass or one cup of beer. A person with a problem is usually going to have trouble stopping. Sure, it might not happen every day, or it might not occur on days this person has to go to work, but it’ll happen at some point.

Just because you are a functioning alcoholic, it doesn’t mean you are in full control of your current situation. There are a lot of dangers that come with an alcohol addiction you should be aware of. One of the direst ones is mixing alcohol with other drugs. Many people end up mixing household painkillers with alcohol and end up dying from an accidental overdose.

When this person is given the opportunity, he or she will abuse alcoholic beverages. A regular person might do this once or twice, but it won’t be a predictable occurrence. Heavy drinking is rarely fun, so most normal folks will probably avoid it. Drinking heavily could lead to embarrassing actions, and it makes you sick the next day. If this is happening, then this person might be a functioning alcoholic.

These are four of many signs of a functioning alcoholic. There are several others to look out for, like going out of one’s way to get more alcohol or becoming increasingly irritable if no drink has been consumed. If you or a loved one is displaying any of these signs, it might be time for you to seek help. Attending Tucson alcohol rehab is one of your best options. Getting away from your enablers will ensure you have a smooth recovery process. If you have an addiction problem; the only way to get better is to reconcile your addiction and get help!

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