Inside the Miami Launch Event of Jose Cuervo’s Golden Rosé Margarita


This past Wednesday, September 26, I had the opportunity to attend the launch event of Jose Cuervo’s latest offering, the Jose Cuervo Golden Rosé Margarita.

Intrigued to see how Jose Cuervo’s combination of tequila, triple sec, and Grand Marnier topped with fresh lime might go with the fruity flavors of a rosé, I went to Delano South Beach at the designated time, while keeping an open mind because everything from the bottle design, color of the tequila, and flavor is designed for a feminine audience.

As soon as I entered the event location, I was greeted with an amalgamation of colors that were reminiscent of everything that is good about a great glass of rosé. The décor comprised of bright colors, the drinks were made from inviting flavors, and the guests boasted of conversational spirit.

word image - Inside the Miami Launch Event of Jose Cuervo’s Golden Rosé Margarita

Once I went past the preppy displays and actually had the chance to enjoy the drink itself, I instantly knew that the evening was going to be worth my time.

While I have always liked what comes in a Jose Cuervo Margarita bottle, the Golden Rosé Margarita surpassed the original by a large margin for me.

The subtle yet still noticeable hints of rosé that run through the usual margarita flavors are enough to fill anyone with a certain sense of joy whether they are sharing the cocktail with friends, their significant other or just by themselves over a lazy evening of bathing under the sun (or relaxing under the moonlight for that matter).

The drinks were being served in large tumblers, which was a great call by the event managers, since the bartender at the event was handing them out in various options including but not limited to on the rocks; chilled; frozen, and spritzer.

word image 1 - Inside the Miami Launch Event of Jose Cuervo’s Golden Rosé Margarita

Being the adventurous soul that I am, I went all out on trying out the different options, and while almost all of them were delicious in themselves, I happened to be partial to the chilled version the most, which I had served on a single ice cube for added effect.

As the evening drew to a close, the sunshine slowly transformed into purple and pink hues courtesy of the lightning of the event, which was a fitting backdrop to the overall frolic sense that the event had maintained for its guests.

word image 2 - Inside the Miami Launch Event of Jose Cuervo’s Golden Rosé Margarita

While I did not have enough capacity to consume any more alcohol that evening, I did make the decision to try my own bottle of a Golden Rose Margarita the next day. They had described that the bottle is available in 750ml and a 1.75L serving, so I am going to go ahead and suggest the latter in case anyone else may enjoy it with you (or if I could enjoy it myself for a longer period of time).

Apart from original and rosé, Jose Cuervo’s Margarita Golden line also comes in strawberry, grapefruit and honeydew flavors. 

Jose Cuervo invited me to this event at the delano. All opinions expressed are of Aspiring Gentleman only.