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White men’s shoes – hit or miss?

White men's shoes – hit or miss?
Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from Pexels

Men’s shoes in white color are often controversial. Some see them as a fashionable addition to any outfit, while others see them as a kitsch accessory. How to wear white shoes in a way that looks good without making a fashion faux pas?

White shoes are most often found in sports and streetwear fashion. It is much less common to find them in elegant forms. Nevertheless, they can be matched with many styles, creating an original image that stands out in the crowd. Check out why you should wear white sneakers.

Latest trend or lack of taste?

Although white shoes were once synonymous with kitsch, today, they are considered a true classic. They stand out with their lightness and are an original complement to many outfits. White shoes are a perfect choice for spring and summer, especially in casual fashion where playfulness and freedom reign. More and more often, they are combined with more formal outfits, thanks to which they are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Although modern trends change quite dynamically, white shoes are experiencing a renaissance. If you’re looking for interesting styles in this color, check out Marc Nolan’s selection of men’s sneakers, where you’ll find the most fashionable models for every season.

Despite appearances, white men’s shoes are quite versatile and will prove suitable for many occasions. You can wear them both during sunny weather and when it rains. Classic styles in a single color can be worn not only with sporty outfits. It all depends on what you match white shoes with. If you want to look elegant, opt for navy blue pants and a jacket. A light shirt or a dark blue T-shirt will be a great compliment. White men’s sneakers are definitely a fashion trend with no room for dullness or repetitiveness. 

How to wear white men’s shoes?

When choosing white shoes from crossfit shoes, go for simplicity and minimalism. Shoes in this color look best without any accessories, decorations, and applications. The most classic styles are plain designs without prints and an exposed manufacturer’s logo. Although the white color is universal and combines well with other colors, it is the best accompanied by itself. That’s why white shoes are best matched with laces and soles of the same color. This makes it very easy to match them with a sheer Hawaiian shirt and smart denim or cotton pants. White sneakers also go well with thin sweaters, light cardigans, and simple T-shirts. If you want to avoid a fashion slip-up, do not combine them with heavy materials such as tweed, thick wool, and corduroy.

White natural leather shoes will look great with chinos and a checked shirt. Light-colored pants, a black jacket, and a dark blouse will also create a classic combination. This is a perfect outfit for a date or an evening out with friends in a club. Men who like to experiment with fashion may try on white shoes with a navy blue jacket or shirt in an intensive contrasting color (e.g., red). An interesting combination will also be a duo with blue or brown pants, even knee-length. If you feel comfortable in black, go for an old-school black & white look and match white shoes with black chinos and a T-shirt in the same color.

Do white sneakers match with a suit?

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Photo by Zahir Namane on Unsplash

Many men wonder if white shoes match with a suit. In formal shoes (Derby or Oxford), the answer is quite obvious, but do white sneakers look good with elegant outfits? Absolutely, as long as it is not a classic black evening suit. If you love fine checked jackets and tailored styles, white shoes will be the perfect complement. This trend has gained particular popularity in Italy and is more and more eagerly followed in other parts of the world. Men who dream of extravagance can match white shoes with a navy blue jacket and light grey pants. It is worth adding a light, plain shirt for contrast. This combination will make the outfit less formal but still, look very stylish.

Featured Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from Pexels

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