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Electric California Shades In Profile

Sunglasses are a fashion item that are also very practical. They look stylish when you wear them and they finish an outfit. But they also protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays that come from the sun. Shopping for sunglasses is about finding what you like and what suits you but also what is on trend. So, what are the top sunglasses trends this summer when looking into the up and coming sunglasses company, Electric California?

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The Aviator

The Aviator style remains a huge trend this year and you can go as big as you want.  These styles are the classic example of that practical yet very stylish idea that drives many sunglasses trends – the larger size protects the eye and the delicate skin around it while looking cool at all times.

The fun thing about this style is that they really did start out as sunglasses for pilots – back in the 1930s, they were created to protect pilot’s eyes while flying.  The military started using them because they were thinner but also because they were more ‘elegant’ than goggles.  So, the style today has real history.

The AV1 Large

The modern aviator style, such as the AV1 Large from Electric, includes the latest in technology as well as the smoothest styles.  The frame uses medical grade stainless steel with a special three-barrel custom hinge.  The key to the look is the polycarbonate lenses which feature anti-reflection coatings as well as being 100% UV protective.  Combining a gold colored frame with a clear lens that has a yellow tint to it with the coatings, this style oozes cool while protecting the wearer’s eyes.

1960s chic

A number of sunglasses styles straight from the 1960s are also popular this year.  Examples include the round style and the clubmaster, featuring a semi-rimless look that leaves the bottom edge of the shade without a frame.  The Wayfarer starts a little earlier but picked up momentum in the 1960s when people such as James Dean and Elvis Presley were seen wearing the styles.

The Leadbelly

Electric’s Leadbelly style is a tribute to these 1960s style with its smooth lines and raspy edge riff.  The shades use those styling elements and thrown plenty of modern developments at them for that combination of style and practicality.

The frame has a mold injected Grilamid frame that means the shades are very lightweight and have a performance grip nose bridge and temple tips that add to the comfort level when worn.  Double action hinges mean there is little chance of accidentally bending them the wrong way.  The lenses are melanin infused polycarbonate that offers 100% UV protection and 98% blue light protection for a style that perfectly combined fashion and function.

These sunglasses were provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.

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