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Does your style have an impact on your love life?

How many times have we heard that our style has an impact on others opinions? Probably thousands, and that doesn’t increase our style awareness.

It is said that in just 6 seconds, we are able to judge a person and get a general overview of his personality. Within our physical appearance, clothing is essential to give others a good impression.

Trendhim, a Danish men fashion company, proved this. Last January, the Trendhim crew decided to do a market analysis. How? Easy, by carrying out a survey.

Christmas had a positive effect on their idea, and thanks more than 5600 participants from 19 different countries, they managed to draw amazing conclusions about the importance of style in men. Keep reading!

Unsurprisingly, the first solid statement we can draw from this survey, is that men who wear ties or bowties dress better, and therefore, are considered more attractive.

This is true in such a way that men who wear ties are considered 4 times more attractive. 66% of the participants who wear ties daily are considered more attractive, and have a more active love life than the rest. For the ones who do not wear ties regularly, the number was only 12%. A huge difference!

No doubt this has not caught us by surprise, we all know that ties are a key accessory in every men closet, but, have you thought about how it can influence your love life? Probably not. Now that you know, before leaving home, put on a tie.

However, not only we have to take into consideration wearing ties, but also many other accessories, such as for example watches.

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Many of us wear watches only to be aware of the time, however, the game has changed. Watches duplicate our chances of having relationships.

Almost 46% of the participants who wear watches get laid two or more times a week.

Will the percentage be the same for the ones don’t wear watches on a daily basis? Needless to say, out of all the men who do not wear watches, 32% confessed to get laid two or more times a week. An increase of more than 43%!

If we take a moment to think about these results, we can clearly see that there is a relation between wearing watches and ties.  In fact, one can influence the other. So much that men who use any type of accessories, are considered 27% more attractive than those who do not wear accessories.

This is a fact, accessories are an essential piece in our daily looks and we fail to realize it. You have to take the little details into account, because if not, it can play dirty tricks on us.

2 1 1 - Does your style have an impact on your love life?

Wearing bracelets and rings (excluding wedding rings) seem also to have a great impact on in our love life.

44% of the participants who said to used jewelry are lucky twice a week or more.

Compared to men who do not wear jewelry, the result is only 23%

5600 participants, from 19 different countries, are you going to put our advice into practice? You better do.

Read more about the survey here.

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