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Menswear Essentials for 2022

Menswear Essentials for 2022
Image by BlueMaine from Pixabay

While men’s fashion is often considered to be more practical and versatile than that of women’s trends, there are tons of ways to elevate your look with details. For example, emphasizing accents like height-increasing shoes or jewelry accessories are practical ways of transforming any outfit choice. 

Although, before you can start thinking of ways to elevate your style enough to perfect your signature look, you’ll need the wardrobe essentials. So, we’ve listed some of the basic apparel you should have in your wardrobe for 2022.

A Trendy Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jackets were all the rage back in the 90s, and jacket styles were primarily vibrant color block designs, and matching track pants completed the look. However, with the resurgence of this trend, windbreaker jackets are best in color block or solid designs that are a little less statement-making. So steer clear of overly vibrant colors and designs and consider an Irish jacket or a windbreaker with minimal detail.

A Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are trending as well, and they’re perfectly practical to pull together a variety of stylish outfits. But with this, denim shirts have also become pretty timeless, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality shirt. 

Comfy Loafers

Loafers are the ideal shoe choice for a stylish look that doesn’t compromise your comfort, and they’re a top-rated option for dress shoes. This shoe design is sleek, and you can find a few different designs. However, it’s best to opt for black, tan, camel, navy this year. Furthermore, it’s also best to go for quality leather or suede loafers, as this shoe style has been trending for quite a while. 

A Go-To Hoodie

Everyone needs a go-to hoodie when the weather is a bit gloomy. The best options are typically plain designs that fit loosely; shop for comfort when finding this menswear essential. 

A Statement Cardigan

Statement cardigans come in so many different styles and designs. But the main differentiating feature of these cardigans is that they are bold and striking. So, whether you find a color block cardi appealing or you prefer the intricate flower designs, choose a cardigan that makes a statement. 

The Crisp White T-Shirt

No wardrobe is complete with a crisp white t-shirt. Much like your go-to hoody, you’ll find a plain white t-shirt that is exceptionally versatile and suitable for most days. But with this, it’s essential to opt for a t-shirt that fits just right; a loose fit will make you appear smaller, while a too-tight fit never looks good either. 

Dark Wash Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are also timeless and undeniably essential. Everyone who is anyone owns a pair of jeans. However, this year’s dark wash jeans are all the rage, and those formerly trendy ripped designs are out. 

Furthermore, the jean fit is also crucial, so be sure to use a size guide when finding the right pair of jeans for your wardrobe. 

Once you have kitted out your wardrobe with all the menswear essentials, you can start adding trendy apparel items to the mix to find your signature style. 

Featured Image by BlueMaine from Pixabay