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Men’s Fashion Tips: Details That Will Elevate Your Outfit

Men's Fashion Tips: Details That Will Elevate Your Outfit
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Men’s fashion may be significantly more straightforward than women’s fashion. However, it can be a challenge to determine the boundaries that dictate which clothing pieces are casual and which pieces aren’t. While asking most people what category of dress code a suit falls into, most would undoubtedly agree that suits are business wear. However, a pink salmon suit with navy blue pinstripes and golden yellow finishes is most definitely not suitable business-wear for the boardroom. 

Most industries and corporations have relaxed their dress codes substantially in recent years, taking pride in a more relaxed and laid-back dress code for office hours. Defining business wear can be quite challenging as the scope has changed drastically in the last decade. What’s more, depending on your job, you may have a fancier casual wear wardrobe and a more relaxed business wear wardrobe, or you may have only one wardrobe that has managed to pass off as both. Therefore, you should not concern yourself too much with the old dress codes and their past definitions. 

While your dress sense should reflect you as an individual with a signature style, the concept of fashion and trends is often enough to make any man retreat to the comforts of khaki shorts, jorts, and the infamous crocs and socks. So, to help you navigate the world of men’s fashion with confidence, we have compiled this list of tips to elevate a casual style.

Layer Your Clothing

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Layering your clothing means adding more to your look with extra layers. However, layering is not always suitable for warmer seasons. By adding a cardigan, blazer, scarf, or even a hat, you will be layering your outfit, adding depth, and building a personal style. The result of visual complexity instantly elevates an outfit. Although there are a few perks of layering that make it a practical approach to being fashionable, you will be able to remove layers as the weather changes during the day. You can also adjust your outfit on the go to make it more simple, more elegant, or more casual. 

Emphasize With Accents

Accents will draw the eye and make your outfit memorable as a result. Because accents are not the base of your outfit but rather the finishing details that tie a look together, accents can be anything from stylish height-increasing shoes to trendy hats and everything in between. Adding accents to your look can transform an outfit from uniform and bland to unique and stylish instantly. However, it is essential to avoid going overboard with jewelry and accessory accents as a cleaner look is always best.

Tailor Your Fit

More often than not, suits and men’s formal wear are required to be tailored to the specifics of your body shape, size, and height. Fit is vital for a good look and ensuring all your clothing fits as it will have a massive difference to your appearance. This visual impact can be seen when men opt for t-shirts that are too large; men tend to appear significantly smaller than they are. Therefore, elevating your outfits can be done by sending ill-fitting clothing for tailoring. You should also invest a bit of time determining the best cut and size for you, as some men suit skinny jeans, while straight-leg pants are better for others. There is no one-size-fits-all in the men’s wear section at any store. And most generic sizes may require tailoring.


Suppose you have a wardrobe full of active tops and sporting jackets. You are probably already able to pull together several outfits, although they will all look more or less the same. Nobody wants to be the guy that seems always to be wearing the same outfit. The solution to this problem is to mix it up a bit; experiment with other jacket and sweat top styles. This action will automatically help you elevate your signature style as all your outfits won’t seem identical. 

Resort To Timeless Fashions

While there’s no good reason to avoid the trends of the day, timeless fashions hold an uncanny elegance that today’s trends don’t. So if you want to elevate an outfit without feeling uncomfortable with new trends, you can resort to classic fashions and elevate your outfits accordingly. Therefore, layering with a classic brown leather jacket or pulling on a pair of men’s dress shoes is an excellent way to upstyle a casual outfit. There are quite a few timeless pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe, so adding some of these pieces is a great idea.

Featured Image from Free stock photos from www.rupixen.com in Pixabay

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