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5 Best Sports Bars Near Fenway Park

5 Best Sports Bars Near Fenway Park
Photo by Maxence Bouniort on Unsplash

Bars and sports fans go together like peanut butter and jelly, and in a city with as much sports tradition as Boston, it’s not hard to find a comfy stool, a cold drink, and some company.

The city’s bar scene is sensational, ranging from a spot literally underneath Fenway Park’s bleachers to a traditional Irish pub with all-day meals, so Red Sox fans don’t have to travel far from the ballpark to snag a sip.

Here are the five best sports bars near Fenway Park:

Bleacher Bar

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Bleacher Bar isn’t just near Fenway Park; it’s in it. Located underneath the park’s bleachers, its windows open right to centerfield, so fans can take in all the action while chowing down on food or sipping their preferred drinks.

The bar’s menu is also a sight to behold. Among the traditional beer selections, Bleacher Bar also offers seasonal cocktails like a “Cinnamon Paloma,” made with Milagro Silver, House Cinnamon Simple, lemon, lime, and grapefruit, and a “winter warmer margarita,” composed of tequila infused with hot peppers, plus lemon, lime, cucumber, and elderflower.

The Boston Globe even reported how a particular bartender works to give fans the best experience while at Bleacher Bar, a paradise for fans of the Red Sox and baseball in general.

The Bullpen

Just like its name implies, this is the place to go when you need some relief.

The Bullpen, located on Jersey Street, has both the eats and drinks fans crave. Its menu includes:

  • Beer-battered onion rings.
  • Truffle fries.
  • A “BP burger” topped with bacon-onion jam and cheddar cheese. 

Of course, all of the top beverage options are there, too, so if you want to sip on something while you eat or nurse a beer from the first inning to the ninth, you’ll be pleased with what’s in store when you come to this sports bar.

With plenty of televisions tuned to games and even sports radio personalities sometimes recording shows there, The Bullpen is also the perfect spot for those who engage in Massachusetts sports betting to follow their wagers as the action unfolds.

Cask ‘n Flagon

This sports bar is always hopping when the Rex Sox play, making it the ideal spot for fans to chill out and cheer on their team.

According to its website, it’s been open since 1969. The name refers to containers, including those with spouts that hold beer. This place is so popular that CNN even listed it as one of “America’s superlative sports bars” in 2014.

This may also be one of the best sports bars to grab a bite. Its lunch menu offers multiple sandwiches like fish and chicken parmesan, with the expansive full menu including chicken pot pie, house-smoked barbecue, New England clam chowder, and much more.

Of course, you can’t forget the drinks, and Cask ‘n Flagon has you covered. Whether you want a draft beer or specialty wine, or cocktails, you’re sure not to leave this Boston staple disappointed.

The Lansdowne Pub

Restaurants outside Fenway Park
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

The Lansdowne Pub is the quintessential Irish pub, and you’d be remiss if you didn’t stop by.

Channeling Boston’s Irish heritage, this spot provides residents a place to eat great meals, drink cold beer, and simply enjoy life at most times of the day. It boasts a breakfast menu complete with an “Irish breakfast” option.

This may not be the traditional sports bar. Still, it’s certainly got what all the best have: delicious food, satisfying beverages, and the camaraderie of sports fans getting together and bonding over their shared passion, whether it be the Red Sox or any other team.

According to Eater, after COVID-19 caused many Boston establishments to close temporarily, the pub reopened in time for winter last year.

Tony C’s

This one is fueled by pure Red Sox history.

Tony C’s is named after legendary Rex Sox player Anthony “Tony C” Conigliaro, who became the youngest home run champion in American League history, then made a heroic return to the game after a pitch hit him in the eye.

If the tradition isn’t enough to draw you in, the food and brews surely will. Its all-day menu includes eclectic offerings like Philly cheesesteak wontons, plus bar-food staples like tasty burgers and a roast beef french dip.

Once your belly has been fed, wash it all down with a draft beer, as Tony C’s offers dozens of varieties. If wine or cocktails are more your thing, they’ve got plenty of those, too.

Featured Photo by Maxence Bouniort on Unsplash