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Can Mobile Apps Motivate Men To Reach Their Fitness Goals This Year

Can Mobile Apps Motivate Men To Reach Their Fitness Goals This Year
Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

Like receiving a raise at work or building a successful company, most men are results-driven. Working out is no different. If they are going to do it, it must be worth it and, in some cases, provide some sort of motivation or reward.   

However, when men achieve their fitness goals, they usually don’t mind showing proof they’ve put in the work by taking off their shirt to flex their biceps or show off their chiseled abs. Unfortunately, many shirts are being kept on as some men find it tough to stay motivated during quarantines and consistent with fitness. Desperate for change. Many are searching for motivation and creative ways to reach their fitness goals this year, even outside the gym.  

In fact, nearly 70% of gym members haven’t gone back. Many men are trying to manage the loss in business or revenue within their family due to the pandemic. Taking care of their body just hasn’t been the focus. Not to mention, some are skeptical about going back to gyms, given current health and safety concerns still present. 

Although they face many challenges, more and more men see the importance of having a strong immune system and body. Obesity was one of the top comorbidities that played a major role in how someone could fight covid-19. It’s no wonder eager men are ready to shed pounds and reduce their BMI (body mass index). However, it’s not easy to perform alone as many seek motivation.

Having a “male tribe” proves valuable for health and fitness goals. Who doesn’t need support?! Think about basketball teams or football teams. Men do well in competitive environments with others high fiving when they score, especially for the results hungry guys that love to win in front of their friends. 

There’s an app that’s helping guys find exactly what they are looking for by the name of Paid Workout. It provides a community of support with people who have said yes to “transformation” all over the world. In addition to the tribe that everyone loves, it also provides healthy and fun competition. Those who use the app can join challenges for a chance to win cold, hard cash. Who doesn’t want to get paid to work out?! That was Nicole Pekerman’s thought before she created the app that has changed the way people work out. In addition to joining the Paid Workout community, here are a few of her tips to help you achieve your goals for 2022. 

A key tip for building the core. 

The secret to a strong core is focus. Just like a camera, what you focus on develops. Therefore, the core should always be engaged. For example, while working out, try the bracing technique. Simply pull your belly button into the spine while on the treadmill, doing ab work, or even lifting weights. Imagine having your midsection being wrapped in mummy tape, which in turn removes any glaring abs. Next, perform your exercise while keeping this technique at the forefront. 

The key tip for strong arms. 

bicep curls
Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Form is essential to developing desired muscles. Most men are not achieving the fast results they want because the exercise is not being done correctly. For example, when performing bicep curls or arm extensions, it’s important not to swing the arms during the movement. Make sure that the elbow stays fused to the ribs. Use the biceps or triceps to lift the weight and not the force from the swing.  

A key tip for great shoulders.  

The dumbbell overhead press is a good exercise for increasing shoulder strength and stability. First, be sure to start with the correct weight. Some are choosing a weight that is too heavy, which could cause injury or inhibit the building of endurance and stamina. The size of the weight should be gradually increased over time. Once you can do 12 to 15 reps sequentially in about a minute and a half, it’s time to take it up a notch with the weight. Safe progression is always the best route to take. 

While challenges will always present themselves, there’s undeniable hope and resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with cutting-edge apps that provide an uplifting community of others. Beyond that, having the ability to win money in a fun, competitive environment is proving to be beneficial. Working out doesn’t have to be boring and done alone. 

With the summer just around the corner, utilizing creative tips will have you wanting to take your shirts off in no time. It just takes additional attention on proper form and execution. Not to mention joining a group of like-minded goal-oriented individuals ready to help motivate and encourage you along the way. 

Featured Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels