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Sharing Your Love for Biking with Your Kid? Take These Factors into Account Before Their Initiation

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

Parents who love offroading are excited to share the same thrill and experiences they have enjoyed throughout the years with their young ones. Biking as a family is a meaningful activity because it creates a strong bond forged with unforgettable memories. 

No matter how experienced you are as a rider, getting on the track with your kids can be worrying because children require utmost care and vigilance.

If you are planning to transfer the racing bug in you to your young one, keep the below tips in mind:

Selection of Bike

One of the most critical elements while teaching your kid to ride a bike is to select the right bike. Choosing the proper ride will help your kid be more comfortable with the machine and allow them to have control over it.

While they will soon come to you asking for a bigger engine and a cooler-looking model, now is the time to get them a safe and sturdy beginner bike. 

Teach Them The Importance Of Safety: 

Safety is of the maximum priority while riding bikes on difficult terrains. However, given the young nature of kids, along with your adventure-seeking blood running inside them, they are likely to take safety a bit lightly at the start. 

This is the ideal time for you to sit them down and lay down some rules that they absolutely must follow to enjoy the privilege of their bike. Teach them why safety is important, how the world’s most famous riders are obsessed with keeping safe while riding and how they can do the same. 

Introduce them to various safety gear required while riding a bike. The good news is that with the increase in interest globally in kids’ motorbikes, there has been rapid progress in safety gear for kids. When buying gear, ensure they have a solid kids motorbike helmetelbow and knee pads, boots, gloves, and other essential protective gear

Initiate Them To The Riding Philosophy

Anyone who rides dirt bikes knows that riding is much more than just getting from point A to Point B. Dirt bike riding is filled with troubles at every turn, and when someone learns to overcome and adapt to the difficulties on the track, they can bring the same attitude off the track in life.   

Teach them to respect the bike, the track, and the sport. There will be times when they will fall every time they get on, but they must get themselves up and start again.   

Bonus: Plan A Bike Trip With Your Kid

The best way to learn is to ride. The best to bond is to ride together.

If you plan to travel with your tribe, make sure you have charted out the whole course of the ride. Plan out the complete trip beforehand to prevent any unexpected troubles on the road. Do in-depth research about the route and the destination. Ride solo on the decided route or with your spouse beforehand to assess the difficulty of the road. Anticipate any obstacles that might complicate the experience.

If your kid is old enough to plan, include them in your planning, provide information about the trip, and prepare them for any unseen complication.

Bottom line

The families who share the love for motocross and riding share a special bond that the uninitiated can’t quite understand completely. Once you have taken the necessary steps to set them up with all they need to ride, you can sit back and see them take charge of their adventure. It won’t be long before the motocross fever gets them, and you start seeing a significant change in attitude with how they approach everyday situations in life.

Featured Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash