Home Automobiles Retiring Your Lead Foot: 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

Retiring Your Lead Foot: 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

Retiring Your Lead Foot: 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders
Image by mbll from Pixabay

Any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you there are few things as thrilling as hopping on your bike and riding across vast landscapes. However, regardless of the adrenaline rush riders experience, there are considerable dangers accompanied by motorcycle usage. Those who prefer a two-wheeled pursuit over a traditional car face a higher risk of collision and death, with motorcyclists accidents resulting in fatalities 26 percent more than car-related crashes. 

Beginner motorcyclists are often prone to increased danger as they learn the ins-and-outs of motor safety. Fresh-faced speed demons often forget to wear proper gear, ride during peak traffic periods, and engage in poor clutch control, increasing collision and injury risk. Seasoned and brand-new drivers alike often get caught up in the trill, engaging in risky driving behaviors that can lead to perilous events. 

Additionally, car owners on the road frequently forget to account for motorcyclists, creating unsafe driving conditions. If you’ve reformed your inner speed-demon and are still involved in an incident, find legal representation by conducting a Google search using the keywords “motorcycle accident attorney in New York.”

Are you itching to hop on a motorcycle and take on the open road? If so, review the following safety tips to keep your trip accident-free. 

Steer Clear of Semi-Trucks

Photo by 500photos.com from Pexels

Engage in a conversation with any seasoned rider, and they’ll tell you to avoid semi-trucks at all costs. Remember, motorcycles are small, and drivers in large freights may not see you near their truck. By dodging large vehicles when possible and staying away from blink spots, you’ll remain safe and sound on the road. 

Clear line of sight

Your line of sight matters even more as a motorcyclist, as your two-wheeled friend veers with you. Steer clear of blind spots, pay close attention to the road ahead, and watch out for reckless drivers who could pose potential threats.

Be visible

By attaching reflectors to your cycle or wearing bright-colored gear, you’ll ensure drivers on the road see you when you sneak up beside them. Getting a nylon mesh vest containing neon reflective taping could go a long way as you zoom by large SUVs and towering trucks.

Your gloves matter

Purchasing a pair of comfortable gloves can help you maintain control of your vehicle. Although it may not seem like hand coverings will make a difference, cyclist gloves allow for pin-pointed control and will enable you to evade slippery, sweaty palms. Studies show gloves may come in handy in emergencies when you have to veer quickly or have a firm grip. 

Follow motorcyclist etiquette

The outside-inside-outside rule states lane positioning is critical when taking sharp turns. Entering turns from the outside, gently accelerating towards the inside, and punching the throttle to exit outside the curve allows control over the vehicle and keeps you visible to other cars.  

Avoid fatigued riding

Before hopping on and taking off, you must learn the ins-and-outs of motorcycle usage. A number one rule for all motorized vehicles is staying alert. When you ride fatigued or distracted, you face collisions and injury, putting those around you in danger. If you feel tired mid-ride, pull over (if safe) and stretch to revitalize your system for the remainder of your journey.

Ride alongside trusted motorcyclists

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

As you delve into the world of motorcycles, enlist the help and advice of long-time riders. By embarking on leisure rides with seasoned cyclists, you gain knowledge first-hand and have a safety net to fall back on in the case of an emergency. Plus, you’ll join a community of motorcyclists who will share invaluable tips-and-tricks along the way. 

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, motorcyclists need to engage in safe maneuvers and riding techniques to stay safe and sound while breezing past traffic. Invest in protective gear, learn critical safety tips, and practice in low-traffic areas, making your way from novice rider to expert motorcyclist. 

Featured Image by mbll from Pixabay