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Top 3 solutions to tackle Netflix “WHAT TO WATCH?’ problem

Top 3 solutions to tackle Netflix “WHAT TO WATCH?’ problem
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After a horrible day at work, nothing is more satisfying than coming home for a cure with Netflix. At the same time, you’d get worried by the time you would be glued on the screen, getting something worthwhile to watch.

Spending 15 minutes figuring out what to watch could be overwhelming unless you already have a list of movies or shows.

Notwithstanding, Netflix has a great recommendation system that allows users to get shows and movies that interest them.

However, Netflix may recommend a movie you don’t like simply because you have viewed a similar title. Many factors influence what Netflix recommends.

Given the issue at hand, we get to ponder the best way to avoid Netflix taking a huge portion of our time and having what to watch with just a click. We introduce three ways that Netflix can improve to have the best user experience.                                                                          

Don’t know what to watch on a bad day? You can get rounded up with some of the best classic movies on Netflix you don’t dare miss in 2022. There are also shows, documentaries, and others, to enjoy. With an option to download and view offline.

 Here we go!

1. Have short films

Less is more! Quibi was factual with the short-form videos, but it had the wrong implementation, and this should be a great eye-opener to Netflix.

The streaming giant is waking up from sleep to realize that not all shows need to be lengthy. Great stories can be told in short chunks.

However, Netflix doesn’t make these short films easy to find, even for the short episodes. It is a no-brainer that not everyone needs to speed hours on the screen, especially those with busy schedules who need to be entertained. The solution is to have short episodes. A short film has equally great narratives, just like long hours films.

But it would equally be a waste of time for those with tight schedules to go hunting for the short films now and then. Netflix should provide a unique category for the small series of episodes such as the office, Breaking Bad, Love Death Robots, etc.

What do you do if you find yourself halfway through a show you don’t like? 

Having shorter films is easier to ensure many busy viewers squeeze Netflix into their day’s schedule. And if you are a movie lover, you may choose to line up a few short films and stream in place of a feature. This makes sense; people nowadays need a quick way to ingest media, whether in 15-minute, 30minutes, or 45 minutes episodes. This doesn’t demean the necessity to provide a great storyline.

But for this trend to keep up, Netflix and other streaming platforms have to get the best stories to tell.

2. Netflix’s dedicated categories

If you need to watch a certain documentary or show, you have to scroll down using the search icon. But what if Netflix had channels dedicated to categories such as documentaries, dramas, etc. Meaning one would get a new release at the click of a button. For instance, a channel would have different episodes run at different times of the day.

Netflix on a laptop
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The idea here is to get a few of the best movies online with no or less time to waste. Or, if a viewer is time-bound and needs to get a glimpse of the sequel, they could fast forward the show up to its climax. Having to watch many episodes of a particular series in a quick session would be a mind-blower.

3. Get favorites on the homepage

Netflix can choose to have a popular set of titles on their homepage for a particular audience. This could also be on particular occasions such as Christmas or any other holiday. It could also provide new stuff related to celebrity’s death/ splits etc. For instance, Netflix USA could choose a highly rated movie or show such as Christmas Inheritance of Christmas Crossfire as seasonal favorites and ensure they are on its homepage. It would act as a trick to anyone searching for something to watch.

Interestingly, you would find viewers clicking for almost the same stuff in a certain country.

Also, the idea of having the viewers choose their own adventure programs and have them viewed on-demand rather than live would be a huge step for Netflix. But instead, it continues to have its way, just like other platforms.


When everyone is looking for the best streaming experience, it all boils down to discovering what impresses viewers.

Netflix has to find its way to maintain its position as the media industry competition becomes tougher.

Netflix is a platform service that third parties such as marketers and developers can utilize to keep business and, of course, away from its subscriptions. It would have huge reap backs. It’s a go-getter that would tap into its industry in different dimensions and be more scalable by providing users with the best experience to allow intense growth.  

No one should wrestle to get the content they need. It would be a loophole to get a taste of other platforms.

Featured Photo by Sayan Ghosh on Unsplash