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All The Essentials For Taking Care Of Your Facial Hair

Beard care and hair up top may have been a bit of a mystery a few years ago, but today it’s never been so easy. With so many awesome male grooming products on the market and salons popping up each month, when it comes to keeping your facial hair and what’s on top of your head healthy, it’s incredibly simple.

All it takes is the right care and a few fantastic products, and you can ensure that your facial hair always looks (and feels) amazing. These facial hair care tips will ensure that your beard – long or short, stays looking great all year around. But if you are thinking about the hair on your head a D.I.Y. approach may not work so well unless you are keeping the length short. But if you are attempting to grow out your hair a salon would be a better bet.

Most importantly, invest in a good shaver

Whether you are a wet shaver or prefer to use an electric device, the most important thing you can do is invest in a good shaver. Did you know that if you opt for one of these Braun electric shavers, you can choose to wet or dry shave? (Technology really is amazing.) Or, if you prefer only to preen the hairs, a good beard trimmer is a must.

While you might think that all shavers and beard trimmers are born equal, that’s not always the case. You see, cheaper designs often don’t work as well, the shaves aren’t as close, and they can damage the hair follicles – ouch.  That’s why, when it comes to trimming that facial hair, opting for a quality device is a must.


Cleanse your face and facial hair regularly

This is incredibly important, especially if you are a stubble or beard man, as dirt and dry skin can get caught on the hairs. If left, these things will not only affect the hairs making them dry, but will also cause soreness and redness for your skin. That’s why cleansing your face and facial hair is so important.

Using a specialist facial hair wash, such as Woody’s 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner, scrub your facial hair at least three times a week. This will help to get rid of any dirt or dry skin, keeping your facial hair, as well as your skin, healthy.

Treat yourself to beard oil

If you allow your facial hair to grow, either into stubble or a full blown beard, a bottle of beard oil is a must. You know how the hair on your head gets dry? Well, your facial hair is also prone to drying out, that’s why beard oil is a must. If you want to keep your facial hair feeling soft and smooth, that is.

Beard oils come in lots of manly scents, so whatever smells you like, there should be something suitable. Applying beard oil once a day will keep your facial hair soft, as well as lovely and shiny. Percy Nobleman do a fantastic range of beard oils, so it might be worth giving these a try – they have some excellent reviews.

It’s important to remember, that just like the rest of your body, to stay in shape, your facial hair needs love. Take note of the tips above, and you can ensure that your beard looks and feels as healthy as possible.