Home Style Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement pieces

Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement pieces

For most modern men of style, minimalism will be the way to go about designing the living space. It’s uncluttered, gives you a sense of peace in a fast-paced life, and it’s pretty easy to make interior design decisions once you have the grasp of a few basic concepts.

On the other hand, the line between minimalism and simply having little stuff is blurry and many men who design their home never learn to recognize it.

The results are often “flat” living spaces with little appeal to the eye of the beholder. This defeats the very purpose of minimalism, and you go back to what we said, just having little stuff with no apparent plan or statement behind it.

1 minimal bedroom gray - Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement pieces

The easiest way to avoid blandness when organizing a minimal living space is to add a carefully thought out accent pieces and colors. Today, we go over a few easy ways to add a style statement that will make your home “pop”.

Accent walls

So simple and yet very effective, the concept of accent walls that contrast with the primary colors, add depth to your space and boost the appeal of everything around it.

Accent walls are simple to execute but, in their simplicity, they are a measure-twice-cut-once concept and are not as simple as choosing your favorite color and a random wall to paint.

2 modern living room with accent wall - Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement pieces

First things first – choosing THE wall

There are a few rules of thumb to follow when choosing the wall to accent:

  • Choose a solid wall – “solid” simply means that an accent wall won’t have windows or doors. There are expectations to the rule but if you are a DIY guy, it’s best to stick with the basic error-proof principles.
  • Seamless focal points – look around your room and you are likely to notice a natural focal point of your room. This can be anything from a sculpture or a piece of art to a TV or a stereo set. Choose the wall behind the natural focal points of your room and it will boost the visual appeal of the whole room.
  • Balance out the furniture placement – this one happens way too often – you have all your furniture facing or placed in one-half or two-thirds of the room giving the space a “tilted” look.

The rest of the space is just there and serves little purpose. A focal wall that’s opposite to the part of the room where most of your furniture is will balance the space out and make your room look “intentional”.

3 purple accent chair - Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement pieces


  • No focal points on adjacent walls – the purpose of an accent wall is to either bring balance to the space or enhance the effect of the natural focal points. If there already is a focal point on an adjacent wall does neither.
  • If it’s your bedroom – in minimalistic design of a bedroom, the accent wall will almost always be the wall behind the bed. It creates depth and a sense of tranquility and natural magnetism of that part of the room.

Now that we have the basics of choosing the right wall down let’s take a moment to talk about the simpler part – choice of color.

Choosing a color for your accent wall

Minimalistic design room usually means neutral color and very few accent few accent features.

To keep the calm minimal look, don’t go with contrasting colors. Rather, choose a color that’s simply few shades darker.

A good example is a combo of celadon with a calm hue of turquoise or blue.

4 celladon blue accent wall - Add an oomph of style to your home with bold statement piecesIf you have dilemmas, think nature…in this example the celadon and turquoise are colors that naturally occur together, like in a sea wave.

In color theory, the rule of thumb is going with a tint as you dominant color and making the accent wall a pure, more vivid hue (a tint is variation of a color with white added to it).

Accent furniture pieces

An accent piece of furniture can be anything from a coffee table, bomb chest, a lounge chair to wall mirrors.

An accent piece is not there for functionality; it’s meant to stand out, add drama to the space and tantalize the eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pieces that digress from the room, not only in color but in style, too.

One rule to keep in mind id that, while experimenting and being bold is OK, make sure that, in the end, it all ties in into a whole, from the colors of your bedroom to the little things like the choice of your patio furniture.

Imposing vs. striking pieces

If the rest of your room is calm and adjusted, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with a statement accent piece – like a pair of dark purple lounge chairs.

On the other hand, if your room is already “busy” your statement piece should be plain and only striking in color.


Creating a decluttered oasis that will be your end-of-day sanctuary goes beyond not having too much stuff.

Done properly, organization of your home can be both stimulating and relaxing. You achieve it by establishing a dominant low-key style with a few striking pieces.

Remember, the message that you want your space to convey is, “None of this happened by chance.”

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