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5 Vinyl Art Sticker Myths Debunked

Vinyl wall art stickers in the UK are heavily in demand. There was a time when people were scared of using vinyl stickers due to a lack of knowledge about their usage and benefits, however things have changed now as they are sold in record numbers all around the world.

They are affordable, classy and much less troublesome than other home decor items. Despite their overgrowing popularity, some people still believe in myths surrounding vinyl stickers.

Therefore, there is a dire need to debunk these myths. Let’s have a look:

Myth#1 – They Do Not Last Long

This is nothing but a myth. Vinyl stickers have a long life. They typically end for three to eight years, given how you use them.

They are made to stay solid even against harsh weather conditions, but it is better to protect them if you wish to enhance their longevity.

Vinyl art stickers aren’t the same as ordinary stickers, they are much more durable because of their self adhesiveness.

Besides using them indoors, they can also be used outdoors and even on vehicles. However, you must protect them from extreme heat, dirt and water if you want them to stay good for a long period of time.

Myth#2 – It Will Damage Your Paint

Again, a myth. One of the best qualities of vinyl stickers is the fact they do not affect the paint in anyway, whether you are applying them or removing them.

Several experts have shared their opinions on this matter and concluded that vinyl stickers actually protect the paint rather than damaging it. They do this by protecting the wall against regular wear and tear.

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Myth#3 – It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Remove Them

There are tonnes of myth regarding removing these stickers. Many people believe that they need special care in order to remove them. Moreover, some even believe that removing them can cause the paint to get destroyed.

This is nothing more than a myth. Vinyl stickers are made of high quality material, and the adhesive material does not affect the surface on which they are stuck upon. Therefore, all it takes is two hands and a delicate push to remove them.

The correct way to remove them is to hold on to the upper two edges and push them off the wall slowly. In case, the edges are hard to hold, use a little bit of heat from a dryer to make the edges come off.

Myth#4 – Can Only Be Used On Walls

If you think that vinyl stickers are solely to use on walls then you’re wrong. They can be stuck anywhere, from windows to floors to furniture, and even vehicles. Vinyl stickers are used extensively which is the reason why they are so rapidly growing.

Myth#5 – Extremely Expensive

Vinyl sticker can be bought for as low as $5, and in some cases even lower. The price depends on several factors, including size and design. Just run a Google search and you will come across several affordable options.


These myths are the reason why many people get misguided when it comes to buying vinyl wall art stickers. Make sure you aren’t one of them and know what they’re worth.

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