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Mens’ Fashion Tips: Wearing Jewelry

Thumbs up to men who wear jewelry! Most men find it difficult or lack the confidence to put on jewelry. But every man should have the guts to scour jewelry shops for some pieces.

For men, wearing jewelry comes with plenty of challenges as it’s not popular, and there are limited guides around. Thus, men sometimes mismatch, imbalance, and associate jewelry with feminism.

However, if you pay attention, stay brave, and follow some jewelry-wearing rules, you can find the perfect jewelry. Elevate your looks and inspire friends to wear jewelry.

Here are some tips you should implement when wearing jewelry.

Jewelry Fashion Tips for Men

Understand What Jewelry Means

The jewelry you wear sends a message. People view jewelry in different ways. For example, some people associate dashing ornaments with affluence and pop culture. Still, they can exhibit confidence and guts to explore.

Jewelry may also symbolize love, culture, traditions, and religion. Thus, an ideal piece should not be showy but meaningful. On every occasion source for a straightforward jewel. And save your best ornaments for the best occasions.

Symbolic jewelry can also showcase how you feel about yourself. For instance, heirlooms can exhibit your roots and connections to your ancestors. And jade jewels might show you’re protected or have Chinese sources. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity rules any day whenever you’re unsure of the right styling. Before transitioning to ostentatious jewelry, try more simple ornaments. You can start with a beautiful watch, skull bracelet, or ring. For example, a stylish, medium-sized leather watch can kill it with any attire. Another option is to buy men’s anklets.

Once you get accustomed to simple jewels, venture and exploit more complex and dashing designs. You can find designed jewelry for men in the De Sol designed jewelry for men collection featuring stainless steel, gemstone, and leather.

Sophisticated jewelry tips for men

Know the Tricks in Matching Metals

When buying or putting on jewelry, consider the metal type and whether it matches your skin tone and attire. Adopt one metal at a time style to avoid metal clashing. While gold and silver are common metals, many people prefer silver. Its neutral tone and grayish color fit many attires.

Copper and bronze are bold and thus fit a casual style, and turquoise may represent knowledge of techniques and sophistication.

If you’re looking for the simplest jewel, you can go for wood or bone which bring out the uniqueness and showcase traditional aesthetics.

Mind Your Personality and Dress Code

Everything you put on should reflect who you are as a person. You can’t go for “shouting” jewels if you’re a reserved person. Some designs may also not align with your aesthetics. Thus, go for ornaments that make you comfortable and fit your dress code.