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Can You Make Money Betting on Football?

Can You Make Money Betting on Football?
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Football is the most loved and gambled-upon sport globally. More than $500 billion is bet on football annually across the world. With a lot of cash at stake and so much information on social media about soccer betting, you might think betting on football is a quick way of making money. 

Unfortunately, only a few people earn a reasonable amount from betting. So, the question of whether or not you can make money by gambling doesn’t have a straightforward answer. You can increase your chances of winning by following the tips below. 

Follow professional traders

When you are just starting, it’s best to follow in the footsteps of the veterans. You can talk to those who’ve been betting for many years or sign up on platforms that can allow you to follow and engage experienced traders in a chat room.

In the chat rooms, the experts post games that are likely to make them win, the strategies they use, and many tips that can help you earn as you learn. 

Some experienced wagers specialize in specific strategies such as half-time markets, over/under, and the correct scores. Once you’ve learned from these experts, you can start developing strategies that work best for you. Also, it’s best to look for football betting promo codes (bonus codes or voucher codes) to maximize your earnings. 

Bet on draws

Betting on the draws is a strategy that works but is ignored by many bettors. In most cases, you’ll realize that many punters like betting with bias, always choosing their favorite team and praying it wins. Leave that to the team supporters as it may not work with betting. 

Many betting sites report that, on average, those who bet on draws earn more than those who choose sides. This means that most games end in draws, and the prices of these draws may be inflated compared to what they should be. However, this strategy doesn’t mean that you should place your bets blindly on draws. Sometimes, you can simply use your judgment to decide on a team you feel has a higher chance of winning. 

You should avoid placing a bet based on your emotions—how you love or support a team. Your betting should be driven by your desire to learn. If you strongly feel neither of the teams can win, you can go for a draw. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Use top tipsters

It will take you a great deal of work to become successful in football betting. The starting point is to study the stats and forms, read sports news, and check team records for the two teams about to clash. Check their home and away performances over the years to gauge the likelihood of either side winning. The research can take hours, days, weeks, or even months. Unfortunately, even if you do all these things, you may still not make it. Sometimes, you may not even have the time to do research. The best way around this is to use a good tipster.

Tipsters take their time to research. They can spend hours or days studying the stats and forms to determine high-value bets. You can choose a tipster with a long history of making profits to increase your chances of earning. Some of these tipsters earn thousands of dollars annually, meaning that if you follow their tips, you can also make some good profits. 

Don’t follow the crowd

An alternative to following footy tipsters or pro traders is to develop your own strategies. However, going on your own would require first gaining enough experience. You can only free yourself from these experts after learning the ropes and trusting your own instincts. 

It’s hard to develop a strategy, but it’s more beneficial since you won’t have to rely on someone else to earn from football betting. If this sounds like something you want to give a try, then you have to remember not to follow the crowd. You must rely on your ability to develop an effective system or strategy. Always remember that even the top tipsters can sometimes miss predicting some games correctly because they have no control over the games. 

Monitor your progress

Whichever strategy or system you adopt, it’s always prudent to know whether it’s working or not. You can only know that by tracking your records. If you are constantly losing, you must change your strategy. To effectively track your progress, you must know how many bets you’ve placed, how many you’ve won, and how many you’ve lost over a specified time period. 

Calculate the total amount you’ve won and lost and whether you’ve made any profits. Collect as much data as possible and analyze it to help you decide on your next course of action—whether to change tact or continue with the strategy. 

Stay Disciplined

Most new gamblers get excited to the extent of placing their bets on many betting markets. This often leads to massive losses, which makes them quit within a few weeks or months. To avoid this:

  1. Try to be disciplined in your approach to betting.
  2. Focus on a few bets, teams, and leagues that are easy to analyze and understand.
  3. Take your time to learn about these markets and master them before expanding your reach.


Betting is a game of chance. There’s no guarantee that you will always win. So when joining this field, do so with an open mind. If you want a way to make quick money, betting isn’t for you. If you want to try your hand at betting, the above tips will significantly improve your chances of making a profit. 

Try to be committed and consistent—making some losses when starting doesn’t mean you can never benefit from football betting. Above all, don’t form the habit of placing your bet on your favorite team. Things don’t always work that way. Choose a team depending on its chances of winning, not how you are emotionally attached to it. Happy betting.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay