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Look Into the Design of WSOP Bracelet Through the Years

Look Into the Design of WSOP Bracelet Through the Years
Image by Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay

One of the most outstanding poker achievements in playing the game is winning a WSOP bracelet. Additionally, the World Series of Poker conducted several online Bracelet Events in 2020, solidifying the series’ standing in the online poker community. 

But this sparkling bracelet is not your typical object of victory. Anyone who has the opportunity to see it up close is mesmerized by it because a renowned jeweler made the bracelet. 

Join us as we discuss the WSOP bracelet’s design history and honor the numerous creators of this deluxe prize. Also, let’s look at the players that have earned the most bracelets due to their skill. 

The History of the WSOP Bracelet 

You’re missing out on a lot of WSOP history if you think the World Series of Poker tournament resulted from the early 2000s poker boom. 

The WSOP competition has existed since the 1970s. The first one occurred at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas when Benny Binion asked seven of the most well-known poker players to a challenge.

The first iteration of the competition had a predetermined start and finish time, and the seven competitors secretly voted to choose the winner. The WSOP now includes up to 101 events with a wide range of poker varieties.

Early tournaments did not award the glittering WSOP bracelet, even though it is now a crucial component of the game. The exclusive prizes awarded to winners in the inaugural WSOP competitions were a silver cup and prize money. 

Winners received a silver plate instead of trophies after 1975. The following year saw the debut of the official WSOP bracelet.

The World Series of Poker Europe and, more recently, the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific are among the WSOP events that award bracelets today outside Las Vegas.

The Worth of the WSOP Bracelet 

The question often asked is how much is the world series of poker bracelet worth. How much gold and value is in precious gems? We think the bracelet is worth far more than a few digits on a scale because of its status. 

In reality, WSOP champion Peter Eastgate auctioned off his bracelet from the Main Event in 2010 and raised $147,500 for charity. If a bracelet is only worth this to someone who hasn’t worked hard for it, imagine how much more valuable it must be to a serious poker player.

The Many Designs of WSOP Bracelets Through the Years

The championship bracelet (as other poker players have called it) has seen numerous redesigns and modifications, much like the competition. Here is a timeline showing the development of the bracelet and the companies responsible for it.


It was the year they gave out the first bracelet in the world series of poker. It was made for about $500 and resembled flat, pressed gold nuggets.


Las Vegas jeweler Mordechai Yerushalmi now makes the WSOP’s bracelets. The flat golden design of the bracelet was left mostly unchanged by Yerushalmi.

WSOP bracelet in the 1980s
Image by Maria from Pixabay


In 2004, Harrah’s Entertainment acquired the WSOP rights and took over the bracelet production.


Harrah’s Entertainment handed over control to Gold & Diamond International, who started making bracelets and WSOP circuit rings.


Bracelet design was taken over by Corum, a designer formerly in charge of producing the WSOP luxury prize watches. It carefully created four different bracelet patterns. 

The Ladies World Championship bracelet has two rubies, 87 blue sapphires, and four black diamonds as decorations. The most lavish bracelet design was the Main Event model, which weighed 136g of 18-carat white gold and featured 120 diamonds.


With 291 diamonds set in 168g of white gold, they improved the Main Event bracelet.


An unadorned, thick bracelet was manufactured by the Australian company OnTilt Designs to return the bracelet to its original 1970s style. Its objective was to turn the award into a piece of jewelry that winners could wear daily.

2012 and Beyond

Jason Arasheben entered the bracelet design stage. The LA Lakers, Green Bay Packers, and other NBA teams were among the distinguished clients of his business, Jason of Beverly Hills, who had previously created championship rings for them. 

The bracelet went back to the extravagant luxury everyone had come to appreciate. The Main Event’s bling creation by Arasheben was the most expensive championship jewelry in all major sports.

This history-making bracelet was truly impressive with its 160g of 14-carat gold and more than 35 carats of diamonds. Black diamonds and rubies stood in for the four suits. 

They also gave the first-ever platinum bracelet created by Arasheben to the winner of the $1 million Big One for One Drop contest. Following the No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker game, the 2021 WSOP Main Event gave a matching diamond-encrusted multicolored bracelet.


The world series of poker bracelets has undergone many changes since its conception. It is coveted by almost all poker players who wish to play in the world series of poker. It is only suitable for this prized possession to feel opulent and cost a lot of money since it is hard to win it. 

Thousands of poker players register for the WSOP bracelet event every year. It is the ultimate symbol of being the best player, and everyone wants to have that title. 

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Featured Image by Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay