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A Fragrance That Captivates: Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

There is something about a fragrance, a scent, a smell that can really captivate the opposite sex and with Eau de Cologne Spray you will surely have the ladies chasing after you. The Eau de Cologne Spray wonderfully captures the oceanic fresh underworld fragrance. This is Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue.

The Eau de Cologne Spray blends, beautifully we might add, the scents and aromas of some of the most beautiful fragrances imaginable.

Such as Cardamom, Bergamot, Juniper Oil, Rosemary HEART: Water Lily, Freesia, Orris, Geranium DRY: Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Musk, Moss, and Aromatic-Fougere.

The packaging of the Eau de Cologne Spray reflects the overall glances of that of the ocean. The bottle takes on the design of a smooth silhouette of a sea colored blue tint.

Why so heavily based on the ocean you may ask?

Well, the fragrance was inspired by one of America’s pastime which is that of sailing. Frank Voelkl, the Perfumer behind the Eau de Cologne Spray, said he was inspired to make this fragrance for men after a trip on a secluded beach.

In his words:

“it (the secluded beach) was so rustic and elemental, that I wanted to express its authenticity – the powerful waves, deep waters, strong winds and sizzling hot sun. Maritime Deep Blue captures this intensity with a burst of watery freshness, crisp, aromatic notes, and sun-drenched driftwood.”

The Eau de Cologne Spray Collection

The Eau de Cologne Spray comes in two different sizes. At a bottle size of 2.5 oz/75 mL and 4.2 oz/ 125 mL. The price tag also is quite reasonable and will by no means break the bank over these bottles.

The smaller bottle will cost you around $65, and the bigger bottle will cost you about $80. Not too bad for being able to turn heads with your scent alone.

The Verdict

The Eau de Cologne Spray is really one of those fragrances for men that is one of the ideal scents for long walks on the beach. And as cheesy a scene that is overdone, the smell very much demands this of you.

Offering perhaps one of the most unique scents, as well as costing a very reasonable price – it wouldn’t hurt by any measurement of standard to give this fragrance a try.

If you love the beach, sailing or just the ocean lifestyle, then the Eau de Cologne Spray really is the fragrance for you. Turn heads like the moon turn the tides with this cologne.

A sample of Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue was provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.

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