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The Weatherman Umbrella – A Valentine’s Gift He Will Use

Buying for a man at Valentine’s Day can be tricky – flowers aren’t really their thing and chocolates are nice but not always something exciting.  What you are often looking for is something that shows you care but is also a gift he will use.  And that’s where the Weatherman umbrella comes in.

A gift that will last

There are over 30 million umbrellas sold every year in the US but a high number of these end up in the trash.  With high winds, snow and lots of rain, an umbrella is something that everyone needs but they are often avoided as being unreliable.

The Weatherman has set the standard for umbrellas because it was created by one of the top meteorologists in the country, Rich Reichmuth.  Unhappy with the quality of umbrellas he was finding, he decided to create his own.  The result is an umbrella that has unmatched quality and also uses the latest smart tech – something that few other umbrellas can claim.

Benefits of the Weatherman

The umbrella is embedded with a tracker chip created by Pebblebee and uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology to pair with your smartphone.  This has two big benefits – first is that you never lose the umbrella as the tracker can help you quickly located it.  The second is that you also get exclusive use of a weather tracking app that means you will always know what the forecast is, get the latest weather alerts and custom notifications as well as hourly and extended forecasts.  So, you will always know if you need your umbrella with you for the day ahead.

Rick was very keen that the Weatherman could withstand the worst of the winter’s weather and that’s why the umbrellas are wind tunnel tested and wind resistant up to 55mph.  They are also coated with Teflon technology to make them water repellent and quick drying – no more carrying around a wet umbrella for hours.

Unmatched quality

The Weatherman is a perfect Valentine’s gift because it has unmatched quality.  This includes industrial-strength 14mm gauge fiberglass ribs and a shaft that won’t break or invert.  It has quick release handles designed with ergonomic ideas to make them comfortable to hold and there are even reflective edges to the umbrella to offer protection in low-visibility conditions such as mist or fog.

With its lifetime guarantee and high-quality customer service, Weatherman is fully backing their product and it is a great way to show the man in your life you care by buying him one this Valentine’s Day.

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