What do movie stars love coming home to?

BoConcept gives you a glimpse into the movie star life with The Guest, an online short film starring Madz Mikkelsen, known for his chilling portrayals of Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, Hannibal in the renowned TV series, and  for winning Best Actor in Cannes 2012 for “The Hunt”.

Casino Royale 1024x769 - BoConcept Viral Video Shows WHat Movie Stars Come Home To, And Gives You The Chance To Live Like A Movie Star
Photo by Kay on Unsplash

So what do movie stars love coming home to? Is it the luxurious views of a villa in Valencia, Spain? Or a group of half-naked super models lounging in every room of the house?

This video shows that creating the perfect home with the perfect furniture, is the ultimate standard of luxury. The second installation in a series of short films released this year, The Guest shows how BoConcept meets and exceeds the high expectations of a man of high caliber.

BoConcept is also giving you the chance to live like a movie star.  All you have to do is tell Mads’ interior designer why YOU should win a Professional interior designed home + furniture & accessories worth £7,500. Visit the BoConcept website or watch the video above and click on the BoConcept competition link to join. 

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind coming home to that!

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