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Places to Imbibe: Wineries of the World

Places to Imbibe Wineries of the World
Photo by Eva Fan on Unsplash

The average gentleman has most likely been on his fair share of drinking holidays in the past – and with any luck what happened in Kavos most definitely stayed there. However, for those aspiring gents who can tell their cabinets from their cabernets, perhaps these holiday destinations of Wineries of the World are more to your taste. Their are many renown wine regions around the world, we sample a few for you.

Places to Imbibe Wineries of the World
Photo by Eva Fan on Unsplash


Paris is home to the most iconic French landmarks and art, for when you aren’t in one of the city’s many wine bars, but don’t be afraid to venture further afield. Bordeaux, in the south west of the country, is one of its best spots for wine tourism, as is the Rhone Valley in the south. North of the capital, mountainous Normandy boasts some beautiful wines, as well as sparkling ciders if you fancy a change.

South Africa

If you prefer to journey a little further afield – though without the jetlag – South Africa has some of the world’s most scenic wineries, in addition to the most flavourful wines. The nation’s capital, Cape Town, provides a plethora of different styles of foods, while moving towards the Cape Wineries, Stellenboch boasts a number of food tours with matched drinks. Be sure to make a visit to the small village Franschoek, which is virtually surrounded by vineyards, where a bottle of wine averages around £3.00.


Wine production has been one of Australia’s most consistent exports for years – with some of the wineries dating back to 1850, the country has one of the longest histories of wine production. While visiting all 65 wine regions isn’t a necessity, the most popular spot for wine tourism is the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It is home to the household name Jacob’s Creek, the centre for which boasts beautiful views as well as an award winning culinary tourism experience.


If your American dream takes place in a vineyard, look no further than California. Orange County is home not just to Hollywood, stars, and beaches, but some of the most wide-ranging wine producers in the world. Sonoma is the historic wine capital of California, offering more wine tours than the average liver can handle. Take advantage of all five wine regions in the state; don’t miss the North Coast, which holds half of the states 3000+ wineries for a whistle-stop tour, and the Central Coast works perfectly if you want an easy journey to San Francisco.