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5 Tips for Cooking Japanese Wagyu Beef Like a Master

5 Tips for Cooking Japanese Wagyu Beef Like a Master
Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda on Unsplash

There is a lot to get said about a perfectly cooked steak, but when it comes to a perfectly cooked Japanese Wagyu steak – you will be lost for words.

The marbling in this premium meat makes it one of the most well-known meat breeds in the world, renowned for its texture and flavor profiles. 

That marbling is delicious and juicy lines of fat running through the piece of beef, and when that fat cooks, it makes the meat so tender that you’ll swear you’re eating butter.

To do Japanese Wagyu beef justice, follow these five cooking tips below:

1. Cast Iron Skillet

You can cook this beef in any pan you like, but the best way to cook it is in a cast-iron skillet.

Cook your beef in a super-hot pan with a bit of oil. You won’t need much oil because it will render out the meat while you’re cooking it.

If you’re cooking a steak, flip it every thirty seconds (or so) until it has reached your desired level of doneness.

2. Room Temperature

If you order your Wagyu online, it will likely arrive neatly packaged but still frozen.

 Don’t fret – that is normal, but you must thaw it before you cook it.

A good rule of thumb to go by is thawing frozen steaks in the fridge for five to six hours per pound. As soon as the meat has thawed, you can take it out of the fridge and leave it on the counter to reach room temperature.

Cooking meat at room temperature will help achieve an even cook, which is why all the good chefs do it this way.

3. Never Overcook Steak

For the best results, invest in a meat thermometer to get accurate cooking times.

Test for doneness only when you think you’re around the mark – otherwise, you’ll end up with a cut of meat full of holes, and all those delicious drippings will run out and spoil your meal.

No matter how you decide to cook your Japanese Wagyu steak, to get pure perfection from the meat – never overcook it. The best way to enjoy this premium slab of beef is by embracing the velvety texture and butter flavor and cooking it rare to medium-rare at most.

4. Lightly Season

Seasoning Japanese Wagyu beef is much like everything we love about Japanese culture – it is a celebration of minimalism. All you need for the perfect seasoning combination is the two staples that every kitchen has: salt and pepper.

Season both sides of the meat and enjoy the meat for its deliciously natural flavor. There is no need for sauces or marinades. This beef delivers the perfect culinary experience on its own merit.

5. Rest After Cooking

Ask any chef worth their salt (excuse the pun), and they’ll tell you the same thing – meat needs to rest after cooking. 

Remove the beef from the pan before it is cooked to your liking, and wrap it in aluminum foil. Leave it to rest in the foil in a warm spot for around five minutes, allowing the cooking process to finish evenly.

The reason to leave the meat to rest after cooking is for the juices to redistribute throughout the cut, giving you a better-tasting, juicier piece of meat. 

After all, why buy a premium piece of beef if you’re not planning on savoring it?

Featured Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda on Unsplash