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Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes

Image by Lindsay Fox for Pixabay

Quitting Smoking is a tuff habit to quite and notoriously difficult to give up.  I know, cause I’ve been there, and I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to stay away from it for months now.

Why did I quit? I think a lot of smokers, despite loving the nicotine and the smoke actually think about quitting in the back of their heads. Smoking is just generally bad for you, and even the biggest patrons of the habit can’t deny the heaviness of breathing, the stink on their clothes, and the dependency and addiction that shifts your moods. Last year, I started getting on a fitness routine, and as an amateur who smoked on her free time, a jog felt like a balloon inside my chest was about to burst.

Image by Lindsay Fox for Pixabay

I had to quit smoking if I wanted to get in shape. I tried everything – patches, gum, even cold turkey. What I found really effective are E-cigarettes.

While there is an ongoing debate about Electronic Cigarettes being helpful or not, I can personally attest to its effective contribution in trying to quit smoking. There are studies that show that people who want to stop smoking were about 60% more likely to quit for good if they used e-cigarettes compared to other alternatives.

I don’t doubt it. The thing with e-cigarettes is that it feels like smoking, but you have to go through the trouble of charging and re-filling it. You put a little bit more work into it than just lighting up a stick. Eventually, what I’ve noticed is that I would leave the electronic cigarette plugged in and charging, and keep forgetting that it’s there. It is especially useful in social events, when you crave the feeling of socializing over cigarettes. While I felt like a complete fake at first, eventually I just stopped caring and smoked it when I wanted to.

It also helps that you can buy a starter kit and invest in your health. You can order online from companies like VIP E-Cig and you can receive your set on your doorstep within days. This is very much unlike smoking, where you have to go through the trouble of buying a pack, smoking it in the cold, and freaking out when you’ve ran out.

Quitting Smoking Conclusion

If you’re trying to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are worth a try. I think the important thing to take note of is to do it in moderation.