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Fitness Gear Gift Ideas that Won’t Go Out of Style

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

With the fitness industry thriving more than ever, everyone is getting their fit gear on.

In fact fitness wear or accessories seem to be the new best thing to receive or give as a gift. If you have a friend having a birthday, this is a good idea. However, before you get lost in the many high tech wearables that are out there, take a minute and think of the classic fitness gear that men have loved ever since. They would be more affordable and far more stylish than a fitness gadget or all these trendy advanced fitness clothing. You can’t go wrong.

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

1. Casual Sports Apparel. As full blooded american men, the football/ baseball / basketball is part of our DNA. That being said, sports apparel is always a welcome gift. As long as you get it in good material and of course, given that you get the right team.  There are a lot of cheap looking sports apparel out there, so make sure you know where to buy them. They have to look good enough to wear comfortably on game days. You will not go wrong with Majestic Athletic, that’s where I get mine.

2. Towels. Men are practical. I have a friend who have never bought a towel in his grown life. Apparently, he has had the same set of towels for over 5 years now since college. Fair enough, a towel is a towel. However, it won’t hurt to have more of them, and men can’t deny that a warm, fresh, and fluffy towel post-evening run/workout feels pretty darn good.

3. A Backpack. There are so many new styles of bags out there that appeal to the young and trendy, but even the hipsters can’t deny that the utilitarian king of men’s bags, the almighty backpack, is still the best. Great for gym day, hiking, grocery shopping, work, and other occasions. If your friend is not the type to wear anything trendy, a black backpack is the way to go.

4. A ball. Forget the many different sports toys and gadgets, a ball was every man’s childhood first love. Whatever his sport, even if he doesn’t take to any particular sport, a ball is simple and fun. You throw it. You catch it. Sometimes you bounce it. Easy, and timeless.

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