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What’s Trending in Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings
Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

What’s Trending in Engagement Rings in COVID Times?


2020 is a crucial year, and even though things are especially hard and slow-moving right now, looking back, we will always see it as the year that changed us all, for better. This year, dealt a heavy blow on national economies, and as a consequence, the finances of the average person. For a common man who, seeing the industries’ downward curve is trying to scrape up a little extra for savings, would find it especially hard to commit to big-ticket purchases like engagement rings.

Engagement Rings
Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

But does that mean everybody in his situation put a stop to all their plans and pray for this year to be over soon? It is not a wise decision either, considering that experts are still fumbling to offer insights into how this pandemic is going to end and when. So what’s the alternative? Get on with your life, but be extra cautious about your choices.

In matters of engagements and engagement rings, there is no reason to hold back any plans regarding either for later. Suppose you are planning to propose but are short of cash to get an engagement ring. Nobody likes to be proposed with the missing essential artifact, even if she loves you beyond reason and was going to say yes. If you are going to propose, you got to have a beautiful ring to do it with.


But if you are worried about the ongoing financial crunch, there is a way around it. There is no need for anybody planning to propose this year to empty their wallets or break their bank on an iconic ring. There are tons of equally good alternatives that come at more agreeable prices. All you need is to be open to explore those alternate avenues.

There are tons of jaw-dropping sparklers out there in the alternate section that make equally good, if not better, choices but come for only a fraction of the expensive ones. Explore the gallery of clarity enhanced diamonds to find swoony-worthy engagement rings that do not cost big bucks.


Trend #1 

Current trends in engagement rings in the COVID era are cheaper diamonds. There is plenty of room to save money on your choice of diamonds. If cheap engagement rings are what you are after, then it’s the diamond that can save you a considerable sum of money. If your girl is not all about a rock-size diamond, then save on the carat. Smaller stones are neat, too; they make for dainty engagement rings.


Just by going down in size, you can save yourself a ton of money. Instead of the standard 1 carat, go for a .50 carat. Instead, spend on color, cut, and clarity. A small diamond that sparkles endlessly is way more covetable than a sizable diamond that shines less. One more advantage of choosing from smaller carats is that a smaller stone reveals lesser imperfections.

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A stone that appears too small for her taste can also be made to look bigger. There are some smart ways to do that, and jewelers are familiar with all the tips and tricks. Put a small stone inside a halo; it will appear big. Put it inside a double halo; it will seem twice as big. A 0.30 carat oval diamond in a Halo, looks like 1-carat size.


Trend #2

Now coming to the second trend, which is significant, the market has been suddenly presented with a choice that many were quick to overlook before. Its the clarity enhanced diamond. Clarity improved diamonds have been around for many years now, but not many buyers took notice of them before. Diamonds-USA has a whole gallery of enhanced diamonds for sale. These are beautiful, clear, sparkling, and cost very little.

You might wonder what clarity enhanced diamonds are. These are earth made diamonds, mined from the earth’s core. But while some diamonds are simply washed, cut, and polished, these stones undergo additional treatment. It is clarity enhancement. Diamonds that have poor clarity grades are typically chosen for this treatment.

Post-treatment, they come out looking clearer than they originally were. These stones are passed through fracture filling and such techniques for clarity improvements. When they come out the other end, they look clearer, shinier, and more gorgeous than ever.


Trend #3

A third trend that is prevalent this year that is helping people buy engagement rings for less is light-weight rings. Skinnier bands, light settings, minimal designs, all these can make a ring substantially inexpensive. If you are into minimal jewelry, then the section to shop for this year is a dainty ring. These rings, weigh less, therefore cost less, which is a win-win for the buyers.


Clarity Enhanced Diamonds- What You Want to Know

Clarity enhanced diamonds, also known as fracture-filled diamonds, are the answers to so many concerns of engagement ring buyers right now. These stones lead the sales in stores today and are likely to do so until after things are back to normal, and people have their purchasing power again.


Natural diamonds are regular diamonds that are mined from under the earth. The only thing that sets them apart from their counterparts in that they are less-than-perfect. While some stones come out of the earth’s womb sparkling and clear, others not so much. These are the diamonds that are sent for enhancements. With a little treatment, these diamonds are enhanced to match the optics of their untreated counterparts.


The treatment varies from one stone to another. In most cases, the feathers or flaws in the stones that cloud the clarity of the stones are treated with clear liquid materials. Once injected precisely, these materials fill up the veins, instantly erasing them from visibility. As a result, the stones appear clearer, and almost matching in sparkle as their pricier counterparts.


The treatments aim to improve the clarity of an imperfect diamond by at least two grades. So, if a diamond is originally I3, it can be enhanced to look like an I1. Same for stones of a better grade. Despite their new and improved aesthetics, the best part is that these stones cost the same as their original grades. So if you buy a stone that is originally SI3 that has been upgraded to look like SI1, you will still be paying for an SI3 grade stone.


Clarity enhanced diamonds used in cheap engagement rings look perfectly similar to an un-enhanced diamond. To the eyes, the two are indistinguishable. Only under precise magnification does it reveal the work that has been done. Diamonds-USA has a plethora of clarity enhanced diamonds in its gallery. Each of its diamonds is guarantee protected. That means if a diamond you bought from its store loses its luster and clarity later, it can be brought back for a re-enhancement. The store will not charge you anything for it and guess what, the guarantee protection runs a lifetime. So no matter how many years have passed, you can still send the stone back for a quick re-polish, and it will be sent back to you as good as new and perfectly sparkling. You will not be required to pay anything for the service. Read about other diamond treatments on the GIA webpage.