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Joint Pain In Animals – How CBD Oil can Help

Joint Pain In Animals
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Joint Pain In Animals – How CBD Oil can Help

Typically, as pets and humans get older, they usually face a common challenge; joint pain. An increase in age comes with an increase in joint pain In Animals as well as developing arthritis. Joint pain and stiffness are ailments generally very common in dogs. Even though they’re most common in older, large-breed dogs, the younger dogs are no exception. They as well suffer from the same ailment just to a lesser extent.   

In most cases, dogs are more susceptible to arthritis than cats. But our elderly feline friends are likely to suffer from the same in their later years. So it would be best if you kept a close eye on signs your dog or cat is experiencing joint pain.

Joint Pain In Animals
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What causes joint pain in pets? 

There are lots of factors that lead to pets suffering from joint pain and arthritis. First, it can be a result of hereditary conditions like hip dyspepsia (usually frequent in specific dog breeds, for example, German Shepherds). Next, joint pain and arthritis could be a result of repeated aggravation of previous injuries. Mostly because your pet may continue straining the injured area, whenever you suspect joint problems with your pet, don’t hesitate to visit your veterinarian. They’ll make a diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medication like novox for dogs to ease the condition. To reduce pain and help your pet live comfortably, there are several significant steps to take. Let’s look at our six surefire tips to help eliminate your pet’s joint pain: 

Keep Weight Down

Feed them a healthy diet to maintain the right weight. Joint pain is usually a significant problem for obese pests. That’s because excess weight stresses the joints a lot making them less mobile. Ensure to weigh your pet regularly, to ensure you help them maintain a healthy weight. To do this, a healthy diet is a gateway to everlasting joint health. So make sure to feed your pet a balanced diet. Including joint-supporting supplements in the diet like glucosamine and chondroitin is a great idea that could be beneficial for your pet. But, before spending your cash on just any of the supplements, consult your vet. The supplements can be costly, and they work differently. 

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil for pets is known to help joint pain as it addresses both pain and inflammation, in turn, helping improve a dog’s mobility. CBD oil for pets is available without a prescription, though you still need to be cautious and understand doses and other variables. One business known for providing high-quality CBD is Holistapet, which provides CBD oil for dogs and cats. If you are unsure about trying CBD products to suppress your pet’s pain, articles such as those you can find on Modern Dog Magazine and similar websites are very helpful. 

Include plenty of water in his diet.

Dehydration can accelerate arthritis in different ways. Mostly, diets containing a large number of sugars (sugar tends to compete for solubility with uric acid), especially in patients suffering from kidney issues and diabetes, and uric acid crystals cause significant joint pain. 

Dog swimming
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Hard exercises can damage your pets’ joints. And this is mostly if they’re unfit and not used to the exercises. But, engaging them in light activities regularly boosts joint mobility. That’s because the movement strengthens the muscles as well as the ligaments surrounding the affected joints. An expert tip: Walk dogs with arthritis until the time you notice they’re reducing the pace, and take note of the distance covered until then. Don’t exceed the time the dog can’t walk, or when they’re in extra pain. Since you’ve noted the length, split it to cover shorter walks all along the day. This will avoid making arthritis more serious, and gives your dog enough exercise that keeps them limber. 


Provide your pet with a soft and yet supportive bed to make them comfortable during sleep time. It enables your pet to get enough time to rest that aids in healing and recuperation. 


Keep your pet in a warm environment. To do so, keep the pet’s bed closer to a source of heat, and away from cold, since it can cause flare-ups. Let’s say the area you live in is cold, find a sweater for your pet and an elegant waterproof dog coat to put on when you engage in activities outside. And that’s mostly during the winter season. In case your dog swims, and mostly in cold water, remember to use a towel to dry his coat after the swim. Wool is a great fabric that you can use against arthritis since it’s hot, and it eliminates dampness close to your dog. What you’ll need to make sure is that the wool doesn’t irritate the pet. The pet could be sensitive and feel itchy.

Joint Pain In Animals

We love our pets and want the best for them; pay particular attention to how your pet behaves so you will notice subtle changes and can help keep them active as long as possible. Once your pet begins to display issues with joint pain, take a look at your options to make them comfortable. CBD is a great over the counter medicine for both pets and humans to receive pain relief.