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The history of engagement rings

Wedding rings
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Are you thinking about popping that loaded question to your girlfriend? Feeling lost about what ring to buy? Most men cannot honestly say they know much about diamonds let alone buying an engagement ring! Here at Berganza we know how difficult this task can be! We understand it is a very stressful time for any potential groom. The first thing you should be doing is to start talking to your girlfriend! When choosing the perfect ring make sure you also take tips from her wardrobe and her personal style this will tell you what kind of ring is the right one for her. Finding out what style she likes is key to you in the pursuit of finding that perfect ring. Does she fancy herself a great Gatsby fan and want to feel just like daisy Buchanan then an art deco inspired ring may e the right one. Does she like nature? Is she a little unorthodox then rings from the art nouveau period could be your answer. These rings are often nature-inspired and use unconventional materials such as opal. With Berganza finding the perfect engagement ring is made easy so don’t fret you’re in trusted hands!

Georgian to Retro Rings - The history of engagement rings
Featured Image by Richkat from Pixabay

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